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Best Practice Knowledge Sharing
Hannah Senior, Director of Duraweld, will be speaking on the topic of “A Green Plastics Company, is it an Oxymoron?” at the Sustainable Manufacturing Symposium hosted by Cranfield University and the IET Manufacturing Network. The symposium will be held in Leicester on the 10 November 2011: “The aim of the one day event is to bring together the manufacturing community to listen to best practice from leading manufacturers and engage in debate around the subject. There will be excellent examples of changes that can be made: reduction in energy consumption, reduction in material consumption, more effective reuse of end of life products, better recognition of the entire lifecycle, etc. The presentations will be about accessible, short term practices that can be copied by others to reduce their net waste and net energy consumption and therefore benefit financially from reduced environmental impact and benefiting wider society” (IET Manufacturing Network website, 2011). For further information and a programme of the day’s events please look at the IET website and the Event Programme. This collaboration is following Duraweld’s contribution to a Cranfield University student group report at the beginning of 2011 on the topic of “Discovering Sustainable Manufacturing Practices”, and the hosting of two student interns undertaking the Cranfield University manufacturing masters programme. The interns were researching the potential viability of closed loop PVC recycling to enable Duraweld Ltd to offer customers recycled PVC made from its own production waste.

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