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Q&A with our Senior Graphic Designer Holly Tillier
The latest in our Q&A series is with our Senior Graphic Designer. What is your nickname? H What would you most like to produce? Something for space What is your favourite film? Matilda What is your favourite holiday destination? Canada What is your favourite TV programme? Line of Duty What is your favourite saying? You only live once What is your favourite album? Pete Tong & The Heritage Orchestra What would your top 3 dinner party guests be? Mr Bean for the Entertainment, Gordon Ramsey for the Swearing and the Queen for just being the Queen! What piece of kit would you like to see invented? Jet packs with oxygen masks for planes or wings for humans What is the worst kind of media? Powerpoint What is your dream job? To be a spoon What are the Top 3 challenges your clients are currently facing? Not enough information, covid, being current What does Cross Media production mean to you? A varied role designing for all types of media and material How do you think Datum differentiates itself from its competitors? We are a team with many different talents and we all help each other out How would you like to be remembered? For not taking life too seriously and fun to be around Life is…like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.

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