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Q&A with our Account Manager Catherine Imrie
The latest in our Q&A series is with our Account Manager Catherine Imrie What is your nickname? Various depending which group of friends; Kate / Cat / Katerina / Immers What would you most like to produce? Design and branding for a high end hotel and spa – obviously I’d need to try their services to understand their brand completely What is your favourite film? Tricky to answer, but my all time fav is Mary Poppins. What is your favourite holiday destination? Again hard to answer, I love the Isles of Scilly, however last year I visited Rwanda which was fab. What is your favourite TV programme? Currently working my way through Modern Family. What is your favourite saying? Okey doke What is your favourite album? Currently KT Tunstall, Kin What would your top 3 dinner party guests be? Two glasses Steve from The Repair Shop, Prince Charles and Ruby Wax. What piece of kit would you like to see invented? Time travel What is the worst kind of media? Email scams? What is your dream job? Property developer What are the Top 3 challenges your clients are currently facing? Covid-19, Covid-19 and Covid-19 What does Cross Media production mean to you? Production using various materials for different applications, keeping on brand as much as possible. How do you think Datum differentiates itself from its competitors? Communication is great. They’re always willing to help and they’re quick to respond. Quality is priority. Speaking as an ex-client. How would you like to be remembered? Happy, friendly and helpful Life is…a journey, to be enjoyed.

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