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The P&F120 have been developed for applications where the need for Power & Free technology is required in sections such as storage areas, ovens etc. where space is at a premium but where general process areas only require fixed pitch operation. • No need for expensive control systems for accumulation sections due to self accumulating design • Possibility to accumulate in line • Operate at different process speeds on the same line • Switch wagons (load carriers) from lane to lane • Incorporate vertical lift/lower stations Maximum load per carrier is 200 kg. Speci?cations: The Power & Free ?oor conveyor, Type P&F120, consists of three Caldan pro?les. In the lower “Power” pro?le the cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units. In the upper “Free” pro?les the purpose designed trolley and wagon sets are driven by power chain carriers, which engages the inwards pivotal links underneath the trolley. The power chain carrier pitch is designed according to customer speci?cation. Each trolley and waggon set can be separated from the power chain and accumulated in line. The accumulation in carried out by lowering the power chain at the beginning of the accumulation zone. The trolley body is made of 5 mm. laser cut and folded plates and is equipped with 4 sealed load carrying wheels and 4 sealed horizontal wheels for side guiding. Conveyance with loads in rise and fall sections is possible due to a uniquely designed link between the chain carriers and the trolley.

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