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Due to the double sided support of the wagon, the Caldan HD100 Single Line floor conveyor allows an excellent accuracy in the presentation of even very large and unbalanced jigs / work pieces. No contamination of the parts to be handled, as the work pieces are placed on top of the conveyor system. The customer can that the floor conveyor system can be modified to a 150 kg load capacity. Space saving solution compared to more traditional conveyor systems - like belt- and roller conveyors. Only a minimum of maintenance and user training is required. Easy access to the vital parts of the conveyor system. • reduces the rejection rate • increases production quality • higher production capacity Speci?cations: The Floor conveyor type HD100 consists of three Caldan standard pro?les. The two upper pro?les support the wagon which is equip- ped with 4 vertical track wheels and 4 horizontal guiding wheels. In the underlying pro?le the cardan chain is driven by one or more drive units with ?xed or variable speed. The wagon body consists of 6 mm laser cut and folded plates assembled with a minimum of welding operations. The high accuracy in the positioning of the wagon is guaranteed by the four guiding wheels - two placed on each side of the wagon. Turning devices non-?xable or ?xable in 90° or 180° positions are mounted on the top of the wagons to customer request.

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