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The new Caldan P&F100S is the further development and Power & Free version of our renowned HD100S “Stepper”. Based on the proven Caldan triple rail system, and the design principle of high presentation accuracy and stability. The accumulation and separation of trolleys is very reliable, and a smooth trolley transfer is achieved by using conventional switching gates without expensive transfer units. The system conveys work pieces on vertical rise and fall sections without tilting. This allows for the system to be designed with less space requirements and thus requiring less energy in ovens etc., as the work pieces can be conveyed at closer pitches around the system. Further advantages include the use of a more economical jig design, less influence of gravity force on jigs / wagons and minimised risk of parts falling from jigs in the vertical rise and fall sections. As with all Caldan products, the system has been designed and pre-built in our R&D department, and fully tested before being introduced to the market place.

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