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Lighting Rack 8

Lighting Rack 8

Product Code: 4127

LightingJoG Rack 8


There are 2 rows of 9 LED's corresponding to each of thepossible connector pins and one for the screen (or ground) connection. As eachpin is activated, the LED's indicate all connections associated with that pin,so that short, open and crossed circuits can be easily found. The LED's alsoshow the possibility of high resistance or leakage connections. 2 LED'sindicate a good digital network connection, either Straight through, or Crossedover.


3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Pole XLR Male & Female

DIN 3, 5 (180o) & 8 Pole


BNC 50/75W / HD SDI

RJ45, Ethercon



There are 6 LED's indicating the state of the MEMORY option.

If the MEMORY LED is on, then LightingJoG Rack 8automatically scans all the connections and compares against information heldwith just one press of the test button.

MEMORY works in singleand double ended test modes..

INTERMITTENT fault detection uses the memory tocontinuously test the cable until a fault is found.

Test Modes:

Double ended - both ends of the cable under test areplugged into the LightingJoG Rack 8

Single ended - one end of the cable under test isplugged into LightingJoG Rack 8 the other into another LightingJoG Rack 8 orany compatible AudioJoG tester

Specification, Double {Single} ended:

Continuityand Short Circuits, less than 255K {75K} ohms

OpenCircuits (end to end and between connected pins), greater than 255K {75K} ohms

Lessthan 2 {5} second test time

L75mm W 483mm (19") D 88mm (2U).

Requires 9V dc power supply(supplied).

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