Monthly Archives: February 2018

Monthly Archives: February 2018

Burr Horse Chestnut log ready for drying We have recently acquired this stunning Burr Horse Chestnut (Conker) log, which we have been working hard to prepare for kiln drying.

As we cut deeper into the log, you're presented with spalting, ripples and wonderful clusters of burr against areas that are creamy white and streaks of light and dark brown heartwood. You will also see from the photos, that there are some interesting inclusions, which we think would make for beautiful furniture making, such as table tops.

The boards will be a wonderful addition to our new Timber Shop, so be sure to keep an eye on our social channels for an update on when they've dried.

Burr Horse Chestnut Conker Tree Log Burr Horse Chestnut Conker Tree horse-chestnut-conker-log-length Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-opposite-length Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-log-burr-two Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-one Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-two Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-three Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-four Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-five Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-six Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-seven Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-eight Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-9 Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-10 Tony and Pete moving a 2" slice of the Conker Tree horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-11 Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-12 Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-13 Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-14 Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-15 Spalting in Burr Horse Chestnut horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-16# Burr Horse Chestnut Conker Tree horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-17 Light and dark brown heartwood horse-chestnut-conker-log-being-cut-ripped-18 Light and dark brown heartwood

Jewellery Creations by Esoteric London We always appreciate it when our customers take the time to send us photos of the lovely products they create from the timber we supply to them. So, with Valentine's Day next week, it only seems right that we share these gorgeous jewellery creations, made by Esoteric London, who design and make all their pieces in their South-East London studio - the pieces are bold and bright and they will certainly make a statement on that special day.

Etched block walnut wood necklaces This pretty necklace is made from walnut wood inlaid with acrylic mirror in various jewel bright colours Here are a few words about the company and the products that they make.

Esoteric London "Esoteric London is a cutting edge independent design label specialising in outrageously creative jewellery and accessories for the bold and fearless. We’ve been proudly sparkling since 2012, when London College of Fashion graduate, Chloe Hope King, wanted to create something fresh reflecting her love for hands on design and manufacture.

Bold and bright, Esoteric London’s jewels are designed for those who have something to say. Our pieces are a statement, and we want to help you make yours. All our collections are created in-house, from the initial ideas to the finished products; jewels are designed and manufactured in our South-East London studio by an experienced and innovative designer and her team. We use sustainable, natural and locally sourced materials where possible to create our products using a combination of traditional methods and modern technology. Our favourite materials are speciality acrylics, hand cast resin, precious metals, exotic woods and intricately laser cut leathers."

Walnut wood earrings inlaid with a colourful iridescent centre So why not surprise that special someone on Valentine's Day with these unique pieces by visiting Esoteric London and view more of their stunning collections.

Woodwork Course on Tool Sharpening and Maintenance We recently held our first weekend woodwork course, led by experienced tutor, Chris Tribe, on Tool Sharpening and Maintenance.

Chris demonstrating tool sharpening skills The workshop can take up to four students, who have access to their own custom made oak and beech workbench, an array of hand tools such as planes, chisels, saws, squares, clamps and marking gauges.

Workbench and hand tools for students Woodwork hand tools Tool Sharpening and Maintenance is part of Chris' basic skills trilogy course. There are still places available to attend the follow on courses, but are very limited, so be quick to reserve your place.

Course Information Tool Sharpening and Maintenance: 28-29 April 2018 (fully booked)

18-19 August 2018 (fully booked)

1-2 December 2018 (vacancies)

For more information about this course, follow the link: Tool Sharpening and Maintenance Course

Basic Skills: 24-25 February 2018 (fully booked)

9-10 June 2018 (fully booked)

6-7 October 2018 (one place left)

For more information about this course, follow the link: Basic Skills Course

Dovetailing: 24-25 March 2018 (fully booked)

14th-15th July 2018 (vacancies)

27th-28th October 2018 (vacancies)

For more information about this course, follow the link: Dovetailing Course

If you're not sure which course would best suit your needs, Chris would be happy to advise you. His full contact details can be found on his website:

The course received positive feedback from the students, which you can read more on Chris' blog, and we look forward to running further courses, so be sure to keep updated on our social channels.

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