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New Product BA765SL - Slip Ring and Rotating Contactor Tester
Static Tests This is a high specification tester that will measure many cable parameters. It measures cable resistance very accurately using the Kelvin 4-wire method. It also tests for shorts between pins at a low voltage. The next test is to measure insulation between connections at a higher voltage. This is carried out at up to 1500 Volts DC with resistances of 10 to 500 Meg ohms. The modular design of this cable harness connection test system provides flexibility so that it will meet both your present requirements and it can expand for your future needs. The Windows software is user friendly, using the standard interface that you are familiar with. The cable harnesses and connection test results are displayed clearly on the screen, the table shows resistance values and insulation values. It also shows Pass or Fail results for shorts, continuity and insulation. This allows quick rework and feedback to production of the nature and position of the faults. All the results are stored in a standard Access database format allowing production and quality control to record test results and to analyse them for AQL. Dynamic tests The system will also carry out dynamic tests to measure the resistance variation of slip rings. The test speed is user selectable between 2 and 40 rpm. The results are shown on a table that contains maximum resistance (1 clockwise and 2 anticlockwise) and noise (1 clockwise and 2 anticlockwise).

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