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New Model Membrane Switch Tail Test Clamp Jig
The B831J membrane switch test clamp is a quick way to connect to the tail of a membrane keyboard. The interface is suitable for products designed to be used with a ZIF socket. It can also be used to test a bare membrane keyboard tail before a pin connector is attached. There are four easy to change interface boards for 2.54 mm, 1.25 mm, 1.00 mm and 0.5 mm tails. This compact jig is precision made in the UK and very easy to use. It has many advantages over a ZIF socket, it is simple, effortless and much faster to use and without marking or damaging the tail unlike a ZIF connector which can easily scratch or make indentations on a silver or carbon tail. This test jig can also be used for testing parts designed to work with FPC and FFC connectors.

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