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New Model Compact Projectile Speed Tester
The B328 "Thomas" Projectile Speed Test system is designed to allow easy measurement of the flight speed of a wide range of toys that fire projectiles. This test equipment will help manufacturers, trading standards, consumer bodies, CPSC, CPSIA laboratories and regulatory authorities to check that they meet the requirements of ASTM F963 - 08 Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety and ISO 8124-1:2009 projectile Safety of Toys –Part 1:Safety aspects related to mechanical and physical properties. It may also be valuable for certain sports equipment and related tests. The projectile is fired between two gates consisting of pairs of optical sensors and the transit time is measured and sent to the supplied Windows software. The transit time of each test is displayed on screen together with the speed measured from this time. It will also save a Reference number, Description, the tester’s Name, the Time and the Date. Five tests can be shown together on the screen and then transferred directly to an Excel Database. The height of the first gate can be adjusted to allow for the drop of the projectile due to gravity. Two mounting points (M5 bolts) are provided to allow the fitting of a custom support jig.

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