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"Simon" Life Cycle Tester - Operate up to 8 cylinders at once!
Why is it called Simon? Because it makes it very simple for you to do an important test. Simply put the product in the jig and place the probe over the switch being tested. How do I set up a test? Decide on the force required, enter the maximum resistance, the number of cycles and product name then push start. There are lots of other things that you can adjust but for many tests the default values that Banair have already entered for you will be fine. When the test is completed the results will be stored in an Access database and you can print out a test certificate. How long will the test take? The typical membrane specification calls for 1 million operations. If you set the system for 4 cycles per second then this would take just under 3 days.(4*60*60*24*3 = 1,036,800) You may need to adjust the cycle time depending on your requirements. The test time for 1 C/S would be just under 12 days. Can I test other products? Yes. The system was initially designed for membrane keypads, but you can test switches, micro switches, keypads, keyboards and many other mechanical items that may be subject to failure due to fatigue or wear. Depending on the item the jig may require some changes but we can often help if you need assistance. We can also supply you with special actuators. What else do I need to get started? 1. A PC or laptop running a version of Windows that supports a USB connector. Microsoft Office will help you analyse and print your results but you can perform standard tests without it. 2. An air supply. 3. A connection to the switch that is being tested. Everything else is included in the parcel you receive.

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