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"Darren" membrane switch tester - 5 New Models
The B831 "Darren" is a Membrane tester used for testing all of your membrane switches, LEDs, keypad, keyboard and switch panel testing, designed with accuracy, ease of use, speed and quality in mind. The Windows* software is user friendly using the standard interface that you are familiar with and is equipped with a Multilingual Interface. You can select your native (or desired) language in options. Test results are displayed clearly on the screen. You also have the option of displaying the results on a picture of your actual panel. This allows quick rework and feedback to production of the nature and position of the faults. All results are stored in a standard database format allowing production and quality control to record test results and to analyse them for AQL. Measures switch resistance. Switches can be pressed in any order, meaning quicker test times. Checks LED operation and works out polarity automatically. LED's accidentally swapped can be identified easily. Picture of your actual product being tested displayed on screen. Check for stuck domes. Check for buttons shorted together. Check for Blocked air vents from switches causing one button to operate another. Quick and easy to install.. Faults identified for rework. On screen indications and sounds for operator assistance. Printed test result sheets. Design and print custom labels including graphics and Barcodes. Saves results to a database for full tracability. Fast, accurate testing, saves you time and money Multilingual Interface Footswitch for hands free testing. Colour coded interface. Levels of Password protection for operator and users. What are the advantages? Darren is faster, easier to set up and to test with. You can test (press) the switches in any order you like. There is no need to adjust switches or look at the screen all the time so you can concentrate on the panel that you are testing. Darren makes different sounds depending on the test being carried out and the result. Each new test can be started with a footswitch so testing is hands free except when there is a fault with the panel. Multilingual Interface When you have multinational staff it is important to provide them with comfortable conditions to work, a program interface of their native language can be very pleasant for them increasing their productivity and satisfaction. The Darren membrane switch tester provides you with interface each user can adjust according to his own preferences. It currently supports the languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish. If your language isn't supported by the program yet please contact us.

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