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BA427 "James" 10 Amp Cable Harness Connection Tester
The BA427 "James" 10 Amp Cable Test System has been designed for testing Cables, Harnesses and Prefabricated Modular wiring looms. BS 8488 is a British Standard which specifies safety requirements, together with associated tests, for prefabricated wiring systems incorporating installation couplers, conforming to BS EN 61535, IEC 61535 with a rated voltage up to and including 500 V A.C. for permanent connection in fixed installations. BS 8488 (BS8488:2009+A1:2010 ) includes tests to be conducted as part of the manufacturing process. The cable resistance must be measured by passing a minimum current of 10A for at least 1 second. The 10A current is not available on most cable harness testers so Banair has added a high current test system that fills this gap.

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