How to plan your standby power requirements…

How to plan your standby power requirements…

The type of business you run will direct the type and level of protection necessary to preserve and ensure the profitability and efficiency of your company.

The only way to guarantee the continuity of your business operations in the event of uncertain power supplies is to have a standby power strategy with a Uninterruptible Power Solution (UPS) in place.

These disaster recovery strategies ensure that should there be a power loss, there are robust solutions in place to support your business.

Uncertain Power Quality

Power failures are generally short lived; however, they can cause severe disruption to your business, if you fail to prepare.

Provision of the correct solution needs to reflect your business’s needs. Regardless of whether disrupted power loss is no more than an inconvenience or if it results in an impact on reputation and profits.  Adept Power can create a bespoke plan that imitates the nature of your business to ensure processes continue to run seamlessly in the event of power loss. 

Standby Power Strategy

How long could your organisation continue to function without emergency lighting, telephones, computer rooms and servers? How do you identify the needs for either short-term power protection or long-term alternative power source?

Your strategy should cover not just the computer rooms, servers and communications equipment. It should also consider less sensitive equipment that can withstand short breaks in power.

Adept Power can advise how to arrive at the correct solutions, with the following steps:

Evaluating Requirements

How do you determine the continuity and recovery needs of your business?

Evaluating risks that your business could face should a failure of power occur through either electrical instability or total loss of power is vital to ensure all systems are covered with the correct solution.

Classifying Equipment

Different systems require different levels of power protection, with four categories to consider when deciding what power protection your equipment needs. 


Critical systems require both UPS and generator Standby Power. Critical systems are not allowed to fail and in result can have severe consequences. If not indefinitely, they must be kept operational for as long as possible. 


Sensitive systems require UPS standby power systems. This protects systems with a ‘clean’ shut down in the event of power fluctuations or a delay in starting up a generator. A UPS is required to provide the power needed to carry out a smooth shut down.


This category is for the systems that must be supplied with power in the event of failure, but can withstand a short power interruption. A diesel generator is the most common solution for this category.


Electrical loads are the systems that can be allowed to fail and will not be detrimental to the business if there should be a power loss. These systems may not require any Standby Power.    

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