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CellOptik 500R

Product Code: CellOptik 500R

CellOptik 500R
CellOptik 500R Dusk to dawn switch photocell light sensitive twilight switches operating at 220-240 volts ac, capable of switching upto 500 watts. The photocell is usually installed in to an enclosure or light fitting and requires a 20mm mounting hole and offers a waterproof seal by way of 2 securing clamp nuts and a neoprene gasket. Photocell size: 58L x 31W x 26D Material: polycarbonate with 150mm long heat resistant PVC cables (105ÂșC) Relay contacts: Silver-Tin-Oxide offering longevity when used with either resistive or inductive loads. Will operate filament, low energy and LED lamps Daylight levels: the photocell switches on at approximately 70Lux and switches off 110Lux to reduce the occurance of cycling on and off (following a programmed 5 second delay)

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