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Our business was founded in 2001 when we won our first contract to supply several thousand dusk to dawn switches to one of the largest outdoor advertisers in the UK with our original electronic photocell design . Acetek operated solely in the outdoor signage industry designing new optical and electronic ideas from 2001 to approximately 2010 after which time we decided to change our business direction. Having developed a range of professional electronic energy saving dusk to dawn light sensitive sensor switches in a range of different voltages we found great interest from all industries. These included security, home & garden, solar, marine, car and caravaning and of course signage. In addition to these photocells we decided to stock a range of accessories often need to install them. After working with security companies for a time we were asked to develop visual deterrents for external alarm boxes both battery and power type variations for which we have seen sales grow and grow. The Acetek site brings many of these security products and photocells to our customers using a simple on-line ordering process

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