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Why is a VPN Essential for Web Developers?

Web designers and developers are the architects and decorators of the world wide web. Their work is to make websites function and look properly, ensure the best customer experience, and make the best visual impression. Below we present some arguments why online safety is of crucial importance to these professionals.  
Protecting your data
Web developers usually have lots of intellectual property and confidential data, including unique designs, website frameworks, client briefs, portfolio files, expensive app subscriptions, and other valuable stuff. Losing it would result not only in substantial financial damage, but could also harm your professional reputation. Moreover, someone else can use your patterns and frameworks as theirs. If someone caught a unique code or design, they could leak them to the public and expose your professional secrets.
To avoid all these misfortunes, you should protect your data properly, and a UK VPN is your friend here. Cybercriminals can easily snatch your unencrypted data. They can infiltrate your Wi-Fi connection or get into your system via an unhidden IP. Moreover, they can see what you do online and breach your privacy. VPN encrypts your traffic and hides your IP so that no cybercriminal can know what you do. High-end encryption mechanisms encrypt your data with indecipherable algorithms, and no one will be able to snatch it.
Avoid bandwidth throttling
Fast internet is essential for web development, as you have to constantly check how things work online, upload and download large files, and communicate with your clients. But ISPs can curb your speed during certain hours or when you engage in activities eating up too much traffic. When you use a VPN, they won't see what you do online and won't implement such practices. Bandwidth disturbances will no longer impact your work. 
Unsafe public Wi-Fi
Nowadays, lots of us like to work remotely, and not always in safe places. We constantly end up in cafes or coworking centers with public Wi-Fi, which is not always secure. But these public Wi-Fi hotspots are fertile ground for cybercriminals. And their owners hardly ever care to protect them properly.
So, instead of risking every time you change your working location, encrypt your traffic and protect yourself from such threats.
Protecting your clients’ data
Web developing usually involves working with clients. Having in mind the fierce competition in the online world, everyone wishes their webpage to be unique, so losing or leaking clients' data could seriously impact your reputation and may even result in legal claims. Thus, you shouldn't keep it unprotected. By hiding your IP address and encrypting your traffic with a VPN, you will keep your clients' data safe
Moreover, some VPNs have the KillSwitch function, which immediately disconnects you from the internet if you lose the VPN connection to prevent data leaks. Also, it would be a great idea to use file encryption services to encrypt your most sensitive data. 
Accessing your data wherever you are
Most of us like to take some work abroad or even become digital nomads. But not all the content is accessible globally, and some countries impose restrictions on particular websites or services. 
You can also face trouble accessing something due to geo-blocks that make content available only in certain countries. VPN will allow you to change your virtual location and access your content wherever you are. Just choose a server in a preferred country, and you will be able to access your data.
Website testing
Your webpage may behave differently in certain countries due to local geo-restrictions, different online speeds, or other reasons. If you work with international clients, you must be sure your products operate well not only in your country but also in the target’s. With a VPN, you can easily test this out by connecting to the desired country's server.
How to choose the best VPN?
While there are tons of VPNs on the market, not all of them are equally good. Below are the essential features to look for in a VPN service:
No-logs policy. Make sure the VPN provider stores no data about you and your online actions. Always check whether they adhere to no-logs policies. The best proof of this is the approval from independent auditors;
Strong encryption algorithm. Encryption is one of the core functions of a VPN service, so be sure it uses the strongest one;
Wide selection of servers. A good VPN should have a wide selection of servers in different countries. This guarantees that you won't experience server overload and will have a wide variety of countries to choose from;
High speeds. Since a substantial part of your work needs an internet connection, you surely don't want it to be slow. So, make sure your VPN uses the fastest protocols, as they won't slow down your internet.
Stay productive and be safe!  
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