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The Software That Has Kicked Business Into Gear

Before software was around, many of the mundane tasks in businesses across every industry had to be done manually. However, this isn’t the case anymore. With the help of software, businesses have reaped the rewards, such as money and time saved, fewer errors, and happier staff. However, which software has completed transformed how we do business? This article takes a look.

CRM Software
Customer Relationship Management software (or CRM software if you want less of a mouthful) is incredibly powerful and useful for companies that deal with consumers. CRM software acts as a hub for all of your business’s interactions with customers. As your employees chat with customers through chat software, email, phone conversation, and personal appointments, CRM software collates all of these interactions into easy to access files.
This means that helping customers becomes a far simpler process, as all of their information is stored in an easily reachable space. It is equally useful as a data collection tool, allowing for the collection of quantitative and qualitative data about your customer interactions in a neat and organized fashion. Plenty of companies offer CRM software, and the field of CRM development is extremely competitive. For a good list of providers, check out this website. Some of the more popular CRM software products have become extremely commonplace in the office. Salesforce, for instance, has sold over 150,000 licenses.

Quantitative Data Visualization Software
Never underestimate the importance of data to modern businesses. Good business strategy involves the collection of personal, attitudinal, engagement, and behavioral data from customers, collaborators, and the general public. With such a vast wealth of data that needs to be collected, analysis and understanding of findings can be very tricky.
Luckily, data visualization software takes raw figures and transforms them into understandable charts and graphs. Complex numerical data can then be used to influence decisions in business strategy, HR, and future marketing. The instant visualization of data made possible by software means that companies can keep a very close analytical eye on market trends and interactions with their websites and social media platforms. Behavioral data can be used to plan very long term business strategies and generate accurate market projections deep into the future. The next time you see a pie chart in a PowerPoint presentation, you’ll likely have data visualization software to thank.

Project Management Software
Project management software is an absolutely essential bit of digital kit for any company that wants its plans to roll out smoothly. Good project management software will act as a sort of central project hub. Contacts, collaborative interactions, data visualizations, tasks, quotes, budgets, and reports are all collated in one place.
All members of a project should be given access to the software, which will make collaboration far more simple and make sure that no member of staff is left in the dark when it comes to project progression. This software has essentially done away with the need for constant update meetings that cut out precious working hours. Project management software is often relatively expensive but will save a business plenty of money if used correctly and collaboratively.
Pension Management Software
Every business should do its best to provide the best possible pension scheme for its employees, but until recently, this took an absolutely gargantuan amount of effort on behalf of the company. Pension Management Software was developed in order to streamline the delivery of transparent and responsible work-based pensions.

Effective pension software runs regular audits, spots any irregularities, and collates useful data. The best software automatically backs up data onto a cloud system and applies new legislation to its calculation as it is announced.
Allowing employees to easily view their pensions is far easier when using software. Assigning passwords and accounts to employees means that they can track their pension in real-time and make enquiries easily. This brings a degree of certainty and comfort to employees wanting to know that their nest egg is safe.
Word Processing Technology
Word processing isn’t glamourous or sophisticated, but it has completely changed the way in which we do business. First suggested to the tech giant IBM in the early 1950s, word processing software really kicked off with the popularization of the desktop computer in the 1970s. The ability to craft and edit word documents, not to mention back them up on databases, completely changed the dynamic of the workplace. No longer were minute takers sat in meetings or rows of secretaries sat toiling in the typing pool. It wouldn’t take long for computers to be developed that could use word processing software from home, allowing for the broadening of home working roles.
Word processing led in turn to the development of email, which meant that business contacts could instantly message each other over internet connections, completely revolutionising communication.

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