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5 design tips to clean up your bathroom

The bathroom is perhaps one of the most difficult places in the home to organize storage systems. After all, the task is complicated not so much by the dimensions of the area itself, as by a huge number of small items that must be placed so that they do not interfere and do not clutter up the existing shelves, but at the same time are always at hand. In this roundup, we have collected some ingenious ideas that will show you the hidden possibilities and inspire you to create the ideal storage places in your cloister.
1.     Compact multi-storey storage systems
One of the simplest and most affordable designs with such characteristics is whatnot. On the modern market, the variety of this type of goods is huge, they can be metal and wood, glass and plastic, or even on wheels.
You can put anything on their open shelves, from bulky bath towels, which always take up a lot of space, to detergents.
The use of such storage systems is especially important if you have a freestanding bath that takes up significantly more space.
2.     Using the vertical areas of the bathroom
As a rule, we pay attention to vertical areas only in the case of installing a mirror over a washbasin or a corner shelf in the bathroom for placing shampoos and all kinds of gels. Well, the rest of the walls remain completely unused.
Indeed, in these areas, open shelves will perfectly fit, which can be single (if there is very little space) or multi-storey. Such shelves have various shapes and are made of various materials: metal, plastic, wood, glass.
For the same purposes, wall cabinets with open shelves and with closing doors are also used. This variety will help you choose the right design depending on the room's capabilities and your preferences.
3.     Rational use of space under the sink and bath
When organizing storage places, you should pay special attention to the place under the sink and bathroom, regardless of whether cabinets or other elements are installed that close communications.
If there is no closed furniture cabinet under the bowl sink, then the space under it can be occupied by open shelves, and it is better to place all small items in plastic containers, lattice boxes or ordinary wicker baskets.
The space under the bathtub is the ideal storage space for detergents. The main thing is to correctly equip it so that the storage can be easily used, and not take out all the available furniture to get there.
4.     Storage systems on the internal areas of doors
The inner part of the door is also a free vertical area, which is a sin not to use. The main thing is to reasonably place objects, because excessive load will lead to deformation of the door leaf and distortion of the hinges on which it is attached.
5.     Hidden storage systems
Hidden storage systems are the best way to cope with the reasonable storage of toothbrushes, toothpaste, various tubes of creams and ointments, bottles of perfume and eau de toilette, cosmetics and medicines.
The greatest value of such structures lies not so much in the aesthetic aspect as in the hygienic one, because the tightly closing system perfectly protects against the ingress of dust and all kinds of microbes.
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