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Top 10 vans for tradesmen in 2018

The vast majority of trade businesses are going to need a van. For transporting the tools of your trade, there are numerous factors that you're going to need to take into consideration. From size to economy, choosing the wrong van can lead to additional costs that can affect your ability to take on new contracts. If you’re already in business and you’re looking for a van upgrade, or you’re a new business looking at potential van options, the sheer range of options on the market can be quite dizzying. To make it easier, here are the top 10 vans to look at that can make a very real difference to your business in 2018.
1: Ford Transit Custom
The trusty Transit Custom has been the UK's number one van for many years, and it’s easy to see why. As an all-round transport vehicle, the Transit Custom is readily available and comes with good load capacity. They are also easy to drive and often come with a wide range of van finance options to take advantage of as well.
2: VW Transporter
If you’re going to be spending a lot of time driving, then the VW Transporter is worth a closer look. With a variety of models available, they each have a comfortable and practical cabin space. VW Transporters also offer petrol-powered varieties as well, making them perfect for those that want to avoid diesel costs.
3: Ford Transit
They say that size matters, and Ford has taken that into account when it comes to the larger van options. A noticeably bigger loading capacity to the smaller Custom range, Transits come in a range of specific models that you can select based on your needs.
4: Peugeot Partner
If running costs are a deciding factor in your van choice, then the Peugeot Partner is a very useful option. Consistently popular, they are recognised as being good value and easy to maintain as well, which will help to keep future costs down too.
5: Citroen Berlingo
As a small van option, it’s hard to beat the Berlingo. Very similar to the Peugeot Partner, the differences between the two are slight, and you may end up making a decision based purely on appearance. Competent and practical, the Berlingo is one of the top-selling vans in the UK for a reason.
6: Vauxhall Vivaro
This is the only van on the list that is still built in Britain. It may have a smaller engine than the Ford Transit or the VW Transporter, but its 1.6-litre turbo diesel engine is more efficient than you might think. With a four year warranty available on most models, this could be the practical choice.
7: Ford Ranger
If it’s a pickup that your business needs, then you won’t go wrong with the Ranger. They come with three options for power output, but also have the added bonus of a 3.5-tonne towing capacity as well. A great looking vehicle for any business, it’s small wonder that this is the UK’s best-selling pickup.
8: Peugeot Boxer
If it’s size that you need, then the Boxer is probably the best choice for you. It may be one of the oldest models available, but it’s also one of the most popular choices as well. They come with very fuel-efficient engines, low prices, and a very high payload capacity as well, making them one of the best options for those with a lot to transport at a time.
9: Ford Transit Connect
Smaller than its cousins, the Connect still comes with a very spacious cab. It makes it ideal for those that are going to be doing a lot of driving. With low-running costs as well, the Connect is the top choice for those with a lot of miles to cover but want to keep their expenditures low.
10: Toyota Proace
A true all-rounder, the Proace isn’t a top seller, but it is highly sought after for those that are hoping for a more modern van. Known for its ease of driving and the high level of available technology upgrades, the Proace is certainly worth a closer look.
When looking at the range of van makes and models available, your deciding factor should always be based on your needs. Always consider how you’re going to pay for the vehicle and do some research on estimated running costs. Knowing your expenditures will make your final decision much more likely to result in a van that will compliment your business.

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