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What are the benefits of digital printing for direct marketing

If you’re looking into options for your direct marketing strategy, then one of the items you will need to consider will be how to choose which printing choices you can put on your short list. You know you’ll need to present your business in the best way possible, but what are the other factors you need to think about in addition to presentation?
It may be that you’re already thinking about digital printing for your direct marketing items, but you may not be sure if that’s the best option for your brand. Don’t worry; these are just some of the reasons why you should seriously consider this printing method for your materials.
Reduced costs
Digital printing can help you to reduce your entire printing costs. That because you don’t need to create new plates, as you would do by using conventional printing methods. So, your average printing costs are brought down - especially if you decide to have a small volume run.
There are other advantages, such as being able to easily print brochures, forms, cards and flyers. You can also print your items to size. This all means that you will reduce the amount of waste you create as well.
Reduce waste
Traditional printers have constant running wastes of up to 15% - meaning that for every order placed, 15% goes to waste. Digital printers don’t need set-up and use electricity, so waste is cut to just 5%. Some printers can also use recycled paper, so you can reduce your waste even further.
You can send and approve materials electronically
You’ll be able to see what your final product will look like without needing to print it. This is something you can’t do with conventional printing, because it must be set-up, printed and cut to size - just for a few copies, no matter what type of item it is.
There will be occasions when proofs will be required, such as testing out new colours or materials. You won’t need several documents, though: just one will be enough to check these features.
Consistent high quality
Vibrant items can grab the attention of your audience, which is important if you want to create awareness for your brand and get people to take a closer look. Some digital presses, for instance, can produce with the resolution of nearly double that of a traditional flexographic one. This means that you can have an item printed with clear, crisp images that have life-like colours.
You can use variable data printing
Digital printing is popular because you can print direct marketing items with different information. This is called variable data printing and gives you the opportunity to customise materials because you can add names from a database, print consecutive numbers or print multiple versions of the same item.
Order only what you need
If you want to order just a small quantity, then you can do this because you can order the amount you need. You don’t have to order in bulk just so you can get the best price.

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