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Wayfinding Tips For Your Business

This post highlights four important practices for wayfinding signage graphics in a post-Covid 19 world.

1. Use Your Signs To Communicate In A Friendly Way

Off-the-shelf wayfinding signs can induce stress at times. In fact, the typography and color palettes of some wayfinding signage can make a space feel harsh, unwelcoming, and dangerous. Shifting the tone of voice and design of the signage to something more friendly and humane will help install a sense of common purpose. For example, instead of an alarming message like "Put on a mask!" try signage that looks less harsh. For example, illustrating a new behavior like "Let's wear masks" in a post-Covid-19 world may benefit the community.

2. Think About How The Signage Can Assist In The Entire User Journey Through Your Premises

Before you select the best wayfinding signage for your business, it is important that you consider what is most important to the visitor who is returning to your premises and what is he/she thinking or needing? Make sure you examine the entire user journey - from the moment the visitor leaves the safety of his/her home to shopping in his/her favorite store or sliding into a booth with friends for dinner. For example, introducing a friendly message like "Welcome back" at the entrance of your premises is a good idea. If not, you may also consider physical distancing floor decals in lobbies and elevators as well as sigs like "Let's wash our hands to protect each other" in the restrooms.

3. Pair A Communications Campaign With New Signages

Instructional signs can enhance the user experience when used properly. In fact, welcoming signage, hand sanitizer station signs, check-in processes, and meeting room cleaning protocol signage can be more effective when they are supported by a communication campaign at the same time. It will let your customers, students, employees, and guests know that new measures have been implemented after the pandemic. You may also develop uplifting messages for social media, email, and other digital channels as well as printed collateral in the physical space so that people know what they should expect when they return.

4. Your Company Brand Should Be Reflected In Your Signs

Your signs should reflect your brand and integrate with the architecture of each space. In fact, innovative signage solutions may help create a positive and uplifting experience for your customers. Use creative illustrations, clever phrasing, and other visuals that are uplifting and aligning with the personality of your brand. You need to consider the colors, materials, locations, and scale of this new signage so that they complement your space.

The way we engage with each other has drastically changed after the pandemic. The power of signage helps us address some of these needs proactively. We should transform this challenge into an opportunity by focusing on the user experience. It will help create more connected and enjoyable places for everyone.


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