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Tips for Self-Employed Tradespeople

In the UK, the number of self-employed people continues to grow year by now. As of right now, it’s estimated that there are just under 4.5 million self-employed workers, which is a staggering figure that highlights just how popular this form of work has become.

Unsurprisingly, tradespeople are a big part of the self-employed mix. Being a tradesman or tradeswoman is a very rewarding career path to follow – but it can also be challenging. This is especially true during these times of economic uncertainty, where supply chains are being impacted, and customers are less willing to spend money.

Therefore, this article has gathered together some top tips for self-employed tradespeople. Whether you’re a plumber or electrician, follow them carefully if you want to boost your long-term success and grow your business.

Use a van

As a self-employed tradesperson, you likely spend a lot of time traveling around different houses and businesses. If this is the case, you need to use a reliable van so that you can safely transport all your tools and other equipment with you.

When it comes to purchasing a van, you have two choices: buy new or buy used. If you want to save money but still experience high-quality, then you should consider buying used. Take a look at the best vans for sale Rochdale to see what you think. Remember to factor in the size and scale of your business when choosing a van. For example, if you have to transport a lot of supplies, you should choose a larger model.

Hire a partner

Some tradespeople run their own business independently, while others partner with another person (or people). Often, this person is a friend or co-worker from a previous job. If you want to expand the scale of your business and get more customers, you should absolutely consider hiring a partner. This way, you can increase your work portfolio and ultimately scale upwards rather than downwards.

Prioritize marketing

The trades industry is fiercely competitive. No matter where you are situated, there’s very likely a competitor within a 1-mile radius. This means that you need to work on how to distinguish your business and ultimately earn more customers. Otherwise, you’re going to get left behind the rest of the pack.

The most effective way to grow your business – aside from providing excellent service – is by marketing. Ideally, you should do the majority of your marketing online, from social media platforms to your website. You can even pay for ads on platforms like Twitter, enabling you to gain quicker and more efficiently access to customers.

Remember to make sure that you have excellent branding, from your logo to taglines. This way, your marketing will have greater appeal.

Implement contingency plans

Current world circumstances highlight that you never quite know what’s going to happen to different industries. At a day’s notice, everything can change for the worse, which is why you need to implement detailed contingency plans, from back-up suppliers to what you will do if there is another global pandemic.

Make customer service your priority

Customer services is at the heart of the trades industry. Therefore, you should always treat customers and clients with warmth and a smile while prioritizing their needs. Also, make sure to provide them with incentives, such as discounts for friend recommendations.


Thank you for reading this short article of tips designed specifically for tradespeople. Good luck and remember to take your time implementing them.



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