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Top 5 To-Do Apps

Sometimes it seems that our life is filled with work, and we don't have time to rest, watch Friends, or play at PlayAmo Casino. Yet, you have much more time than you think. You just need to schedule everything, and these apps will help you.  

Remember The Milk

It's an app with a huge number of features. In addition to the standard creation of reminders with date, name and text, in Remember The Milk, you can also organize lists and configure notifications. They can come in the mail, on Twitter, in the app on your smartphone or messengers.

It's also possible to add subtasks, tags, and files from Dropbox or Google Drive. Busy people will like the smart add feature. You can create a reminder by writing all its parameters in one line. The app can also make smart worksheets.


Trello uses a kanban system. Work tasks are displayed as cards that are marked with different labels and moved through the columns depending on the level of readiness. Trello lets you give tasks titles, descriptions, deadlines, assignees and subtasks, and add attachments.

It has a handy calendar that shows you all your due dates and a powerful search engine that helps you filter your cards by any parameters. Tasks can be dragged and dropped from one column to another.


TickTick is a feature-rich scheduling and reminder app. It lets you add tags and subtasks to your appointments, group them into lists and folders and assign them a level of importance. You can add new reminders not only in text but also with voice input or email.

You can attach notifications to tasks yourself, but the app can do it as well, reading the time and date from the description. As a nice bonus, TickTick offers a pomodoro-timer to help you focus on your work.

This app seems minimalistic, but the ascetic design hides a huge number of features. allows you to tag tasks and add location and time based reminders. You can attach subtasks and attachments.

In addition to the scheduler, has a shopping list and calendar. You can share your lists and tasks with friends or colleagues, and add or change assignees. synchronizes with Siri and Alexa voice assistants as well as with Slack.

Google Keep

A flexible and useful app from Google. Keep allows you to add almost anything to your notes: text, list, image, photo, voice recording and even a doodle drawn on your smartphone. Then you can add a reminder to the card, change its color and position in the list, assign a shortcut.

But the most important advantage of the app is that it automatically synchronizes with Google services. The notes can be viewed in Google Calendar.

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