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How To Manage Anxiety At Work

Have you been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder? Do you have trouble managing your anxiety at work? A lot of people have trouble worrying about various issues related to their work or personal life.
How Is GAD Diagnosed?
GAD can be very debilitating. It’s quite overwhelming to anyone who has been diagnosed with it. If you are suffering from GAD, you might present physical symptoms such as muscle tension or fatigue that might make your work life miserable.
How Can GAD Affect Your Work?
If you have been diagnosed with GAD, you might worry about the following issues when you have an anxiety attack at work.
Driving to work
Tasks to be accomplished at work
Family issues
These worries about your anxiety at work might result in a few problems for you at work which include the following.
Inability to concentrate
Inability to focus or excessive self-focus
Failure to meet your deadlines or taking too long to accomplish your tasks
Somatic problems like headaches, tension, pressure, dizziness or upset stomach
Sick days and reduced productivity
Poor family life
How To Cope With Anxiety At Work
If you have GAD it’s easy enough to handle anxiety at work. Here are the best tips to help you manage anxiety when at work.
Speak To Your Manager
Of course, you might not feel comfortable telling your manager or supervisor about your anxiety condition but it’s a good idea to do it. They might provide you with a few accommodations to help you handle your job more effectively.
You might be afraid of telling your boss since you might appear weak, unwilling to work, having it on your permanent record or losing out on promotions. However, you should not be discriminated against because of your anxiety disorder.
Tell A Coworker
Tell someone you are close to at work about your anxiety disorder. That way, there will always be someone who knows what you are going through and will help keep you on track.
Work Within Your Limits
Find out your limits depending on your anxiety disorder and work within them to avoid overexertion.
Time Off
You need to take time off work when you need to. You can take a brisk walk or take a vacation from work for a few days. You should focus on one task at a time and avoid thinking of the bulk of the work you need to accomplish. You should also listen to music at work, if possible, to cope with your anxiety. Don’t forget to set smaller but frequent deadlines to keep yourself focused.
Practice Good Health Habits
GAD can cause insomnia but you need to try as much as possible to get quality sleep. Also, you need to eat healthy foods. Stay away from caffeine. Have you tried CBD? Proven to have calming effects CBD can have a positive impact on anxiety.
Be Mindful
Do you often find yourself losing focus or concentration? Are you always worried about things? Well, you need to start being mindful. Observe your surroundings and focus on the present. Try meditation or anything that brings you back to the present.
How To Live With GAD
Are you having a hard time coping with GAD, especially at work? Well, you need to assess the condition by asking yourself the following questions.
Have you been diagnosed and received the best treatment? If you suspect something is wrong but haven’t seen a doctor, you need to do it immediately. Surveys reveal that at least 40% of people suffer from anxiety in their lives but only about 9% have actually been diagnosed. Get a proper diagnosis and the right treatment (medication or therapy) to prevent the disorder from affecting your ability to work.
Have you applied for disability benefits until you have improved? It’s not shameful to apply for disability benefits because of having a severe anxiety disorder. Take the time to work on the disorder and get back to work when you feel good about yourself.
If you have taken all these steps but your anxiety is still hindering your productivity at work, it could be that your job isn’t well-suited for you. You should opt for career counseling to identify the best careers suited to your condition.

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