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Responsible Gambling Initiatives Constantly Evolving

It used to be the case that when someone signed up to an online casino site, they would be able to then make an unlimited number of deposits into such as account and gamble away huge fortunes with no one every questioning those deposits and losses.

However, things have changed over the last year or so, much more so in places such as Great Britain, for thanks to a whole slew of different initiatives launched by the UK Gambling Commission anybody that does gamble online at for example an online casino site is going to be afforded some protection regarding responsible gambling.

What is now a legal requirement for all casinos and for that matter all other gambling sites that are licensed in the UK, is that the operators of those sites must ensure that their customers can, if they so desire, request a deposit limit is put in place on their real money accounts.

Those customers can select any amount they want, and by setting that as their deposit limit as soon as they have reach that limit the casinos banking interface will not permit them to deposit and therefore risk losing any more money.

That is an option setting by the way and customers of such sites do also have the ability of setting their own time limits on any deposit limits they put into place. If you do gamble online yourself then my advice is to make sure you do set yourself some limits, just to ensure you never lose track of reality when gambling online and never risk losing too much money.

All in One Self-Exclusion Register Launched

It was quite some time ago that GamStop launched their self-exclusion register but is has certainly been something of a runaway success for many people have now added their name and details onto that register, and that is something you may be interested in doing too, if you want to give up gambling.

As for how GamStop works, well firstly be aware it is a completely free service, and all that you need to do is register to go on their self-exclusion register and once your details are added onto it, they are then past over to all UK licensed gambling sites.

The owners of those sites then scan their customer database and if you hold any accounts with them, they are required to immediately close those accounts down. If you are not found to hold an account with any of those UK license gambling sites, they will block you from trying to sign up as a new customer at any time in the future.

Whilst you will of course have all manner of additional things to put into place to help you give up gambling for good, signing up to that self-exclusion scheme will be a good start and will at the very least stop you gambling at those sites whilst you put into place your long term strategy to give up gambling.

Ensure You Are Aware of Non GamStop Casinos

I want you to be aware that even if you do sign up to GamStop quickly, you are not actually self-excluding yourself from every online casino site you will come across, for you are still going to have the opportunity to register, deposit and then gamble at all non GamStop casinos.

Those will however be casinos that are not licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, and you can take it from me that you will find literally thousands of different casino sites online that are not licensed by the UKGC.

One way that you will however remove temptation to gamble at any of those casinos licensed in other countries of the world if you are serious about giving up gambling for good, is by making a list of those casinos not on GamStop and self-exclude yourself from each of them.

The more sites you do self-exclude yourself from the better, like I say there will be a lot of them you will have to track down and contact, but it will be worth it in the end, possibly get a friend or two to help you locate and contact those casinos, as that will be quicker.

Just make sure though, that you do not rely on just GamStop and self-exclusion to help you give up gambling, make use of some of the support groups who offer free and confidential advice and support to those who want to give up gambling for good.

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