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The Top Ways You Can Save Money when Using Precast Concrete for Your Project

It's a given for any builder or contractor to always focus on the bottom line for every project they undertake. If you are the same, then you know very well that one of the most economical materials you can use is concrete. Concrete is highly versatile and has a broad range of applications, and you can apply it as roofs, floors, walls, columns, and beams for pretty much any structure you can think of. But there's yet another product made from concrete that lets you save even more money and lessens any schedule delays and site inconveniences as well. Of course, we're referring to precast concrete, and if you would like to know how else precast concrete can save you money for your project, check out the list below.

1. The manufacturing process

Many people may wonder what makes precast concrete different from cast on-site concrete in terms of money savings. But here's one aspect you should know regarding the manufacturing process, where your savings begin. The method of producing precast concrete involves the use of forms and moulds, and these forms and moulds can be used by the manufacturer up to a hundred (or more) times until they are replaced. The forms made from steel will also last for a few decades. If you go for on-site casting for concrete, you cannot reuse or recycle the moulds. In other words, you need to have entirely new forms or moulds for every single project. As a result, the precast concrete manufacturing process doesn't produce as much waste, and it is friendlier on the environment and more sustainable.

2. The versatility

Precast concrete is amazingly versatile, and its versatility alone can mean some significant savings for your project. For instance, with precast concrete, you can construct everything you can think of – from sheds to bridges to walls to garages and entire buildings. In addition, you can choose from an array of designs and panels in different sizes and shapes, depending on your architectural or structural requirements.

For example, if you need a retaining wall, there are already pre-made precast retaining wall solutions available from the best manufacturers, and this makes it a lot more convenient for you in terms of installation, maintenance, labour, and cost-savings, of course. And whilst most precast concrete comes in white or grey, you can have it finished with varying paints, pigments, and aggregates. You can also have the moulds customised and have the surface of your panels enhanced and shaped. Forms can also produce columns, angles, rounded pipes, and varied shapes like convex and concave shapes.

3. The transport

When you decide to cast your concrete on-site, you need to have a good number of workers, equipment, and vehicles – and this means you have to contend with each person's transportation and the transportation of each equipment or machinery to your site, which adds to your expenses. But whilst it's evident that the precast concrete products or panels you order have to be transported once they're ready, it's a much more efficient and cleaner operation than a long line of mixers often required for casting on site. If you want to be doubly sure, you can carry out a cost comparison to know how much you can realistically save with precast concrete products rather than on-site casting.


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