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Three Ways to Keep Down the Size of Office You Need as an HQ for Your Business

 If you have been running your business from home but now feel that the time has come to move to a proper office site, or you are starting a new enterprise and are scouting for an office to rent in London to use as an HQ, then you are probably very keen to find premises that offer good value for money. While a prestigious address, such as those offered by The Workplace Co, can be a huge asset in terms of how people see your business and you do of course want to be accessible for your staff and clients, it pays to take your time before committing to a place.

Often, it is better to keep costs down by going for a smaller space rather than one in a less beneficial area, however you do of course need your space to be fit for purpose. Here, then, are three ways to keep down the size of office you need to house your business:

Do You Really Need All Your Team On Site Every Day?

Giving everybody adequate desk space may seem like a no brainer when it comes to working out the minimum size of office you need, however in actual fact, many businesses do well with less desks than they have people. By having a 'hot desk' system whereby those who need to be working from the office simply use any free desk, and encouraging people who don't need to be there to work remotely, you will be able to house your enterprise without having to find desk space for every employee as well as people you may want to hire in the future as you grow. Home working is something most workers view as a good thing, and so doing this can also be seen as a benefit for staff who will save on their commute and have more of a work life balance.

Do You Need Many Meeting Spaces?

Having meeting rooms for every conceivable combination of people often seems like something you should do, too, however here is also a way to save space and money. Informal meetings can just as easily be held in places like nearby coffee shops, and formal ones can always be held in rooms hired as and when you need them in places like hotels and conference facilities. A small private office or two can be important, but do you really need several breakout rooms and a board room to operate properly?

Can You Share Some Facilities with Other Businesses in the Building?

Hiring an office space in a managed building with a shared reception, security, lobby and other areas can save you having to have room for your own reception desk and waiting space for visiting people. This can save you a lot because the costs are split between all of the businesses who use them.

These are three ways you can aim to rent the smallest office you can for your HQ in London without sacrificing comfort or prestige.

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