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Things One Must Know Before Entering a Casino

So it’s your first time going to a casino and you want to better educate yourself so you aren’t completely lost when you enter your local casino. Thankful casino staff are right there to help you should you feel completely thrown off balance, which you shouldn't, not if you read these guidelines about casino games. Here are the most important things you need to know before you even step foot in the casino. Check it out.

Progressive Slot machines

Before choosing a slot machine, make sure you choose the right one. Progressive video slots are incredibly difficult to win at as they require far more patience and a higher bankroll than your normal video slot games. Wide area progressives are the most challenging as they are a group of video slots linked together sharing a progressive jackpot. Because there are several jackpots linked together, the payout takes longer. So unless you have patience and the bankroll to boot, you may want to play stand-alone progressives or rather just stick to the basic video slots with minimum deposits.

Video Poker vs. Video Slots

Video poker was, once upon a time, the most popular game to play when entering a casino. This was up until Texas Hold’em took preference and now is the game of choice for many casino goers. Video slots are popular but video poker is more transparent in terms of payback percentages. So you can literally walk around and compare video poker machines to see which ones will offer you a steady flow of returns.

Betting Systems

You may have had a friend or two give you some advice and although that is generous of them you may as well leave this at the door. Betting systems don’t work in casinos. There is absolutely nothing you can do to ensure a win. What you can do to better the odds and turn them into your favour is to learn the rules of games. Blackjack is one of the easiest card games to learn and is ideal for new players as you are betting against the house and not other players.

Staff and Dealer Tips

You may not have known this but the staff working for the casino relies heavily on tips, so it's important for you to know that it is customary for you to tip them. Servers are tipped after bringing you your drinks and the dealers are tipped if you make a big winning.

Dress Code

Casinos usually share a dress code so if you have friends who have been before perhaps ask them but the best option is to phone the casino you are planning on visiting. Casinos usually request visitors to dress formally and leave any informal wear at home. No caps allowed and no slops allowed. Naturally beachwear is unacceptable and visitors are encouraged to leave any form of potentially dangerous weapons at home.

Change your gaming experience and prepare yourself for a night or day of unrivalled fun!

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