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What the Future Could Hold for Online Casino Gaming

What’s the first game that comes to your mind when you think of online casino uk games - craps, roulette, bingo, card games or maybe even slots? Indeed, we all have our favourites, but what will online casino gaming be like in the future? Let's have a look through our crystal ball...

Virtual Reality

Due to younger generations’ passion for technology, VR is expected to play a more prominent role in casinos of the future. Presently, Millennials and Gen Z use this technology to watch movies and play video games; however, soon they’ll be slipping on headsets before walking into virtual casinos to play their favourite casino games. Thus, for example, instead of playing games from your smartphone in your bedroom as you may do right now, you’ll be able to sit beside other human players in a virtual casino. Some casino games already exist in VR, but you’ll be able to interact more with other players and even give them high-fives in games, very soon!

Skill-based Games

Even though younger generations adore technology, they’re not that keen on games of luck; hence, in the near future, casino games will focus a lot more on skill. Consequently, when playing games, you’ll probably have to complete some skill-based task before winning certain prizes. Some slots have already started incorporating skill elements into their games. Take Scientific Games Corp’s Space Invaders, for example. In one of the bonus features of this game, players have to control a laser cannon and shoot scores of descending aliens (just as in the original arcade game) to advance to the multi-level jackpot pools.

Crypto Casinos

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ripple and Dragon Coin are going to become the most popular forms of payment at online casinos soon. Indeed, blockchain technology offers both casinos and casino goers many benefits. For example, you can withdraw and transfer money instantly and don’t have to hand over fees to middlemen like bank and credit card companies. In addition, there’s no need to hand out credit card details and other personal information when paying via crypto; therefore, it’s a lot more secure than traditional payment options.


Esports are currently taking the world by storm and are predicted to become part of the furniture at online casinos real soon. Consequently, online gambling will look a lot different. For instance, instead of betting on a soccer match involving two top Premier League teams, you’ll be betting on two gamers battling it out in a game of FIFA. Or if card games are your thing, you may wish to places bets down on games in the World Series of Poker. Regardless, the relationship between esports and the casino industry has been strengthened over the past few years and esport events are currently drawing huge crowds in land-based casinos across America. And casinos in cyberspace are their next stop.

Final Thoughts

Online casino gaming’s going to feature a lot more VR, skills, crypto and esports. You’ve been warned!

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