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4 Questions to Answer When Choosing Corporate Entertainment

A successful corporate event is well-planned, creative, and expertly tailored to the audience involved. Entertainment at the event is a key factor in the overall success of the experience. Finding the right entertainment can be a challenge. Do you want something understated or extravagant? What kind of budget do you have for providing the right act?

Here are some more of the vital questions to consider when you are planning memorable entertainment for your big day or night.

1. Who Are My Audience?

Find the best entertainment by focusing on your audience. The best way to make your entertainment a success is to know who will attend your event and what their expectations are. You can be creative in your thinking but there are certain styles for certain events that you should stick with in order to give the audience what they expect. For example, a conference or gala dinner is best matched to a flawless singer or musical performance, an after-dinner speaker or a comedian whose repertoire suits your attendees. A team-building day or a product launch could handle something a little more experimental and innovative, such as singing waiters, fireworks, or a band. 

2. Where Is My Venue?

Different corporate event venues are suited to different styles of entertainment. You probably won’t want a full rock band in a small and intimate private dining space. But a conference for the entire global firm needs something impactful in order not to get lost in the location. Check the facilities and the specifications of the venue for power supply needs and sound issues. There are many factors to consider such as microphone use and lighting. Work closely with the venue right from the start so you don’t get stuck closer to the date of the event.

3. What Is My Theme?

The style or theme of the event influences the entertainment you choose. An event could be bold and experimental, or calm and subtle. The theme also includes the type of décor you choose, the activities, and the food. Pulling together all these elements creates a seamless, enjoyable experience that people remember for all the right reasons. For example, a string quartet playing in the background would be perfect for a summer garden party for senior executives. A fairground sideshow would be ideal for a wild and crazy summer party for your young team. 

4. What Is My Purpose?

Every event is designed and implemented for a purpose. Product launches should inspire and invigorate your guests. Go bold with your entertainment and your theme. Gala dinners are to make people feel satisfied and pampered. The entertainment should have a luxurious edge. Team building events are to motivate and generate enthusiasm. Entertainment can be inspirational and engaging, like a popular keynote speaker. Conferences are for new ideas, networking and gaining insightful knowledge. Your entertainment can be business-focused with a twist. Corporate parties and awards nights should be fun and act as a reward for people’s hard work. Consider a great band or a hilarious comedian so people can relax and unwind.

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