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One-third of social media users prefer to see products advertised by influencers before buying them

Getting under customers' skin is nowadays more straightforward than ever, given social media's influence and power over them. Worldwide brands harness the potential of social networking platforms to better understand what a smaller or larger customer base would need to expose valuable details about their services or products and even put them in a more favorable light.  

When used ethically and with the customer's best interest in mind, social media can help businesses better position themselves in today's highly competitive market. It's not that difficult to stand out from the crowd if the company takes advantage of the power that influencer marketing on social media has.

Depending on the level of involvement in the sector and how much you're willing to spend, you can, too, use different tactics to effectively convey your brand's goals and vision and show that your business's offerings can exceed customers' expectations. You can use Omnibus tracking and surveys to find what your audience is expecting from you. For example, influencer marketing can be an ambiguous and complex topic despite its ubiquitousness everywhere you look. Without further ado, let's see why such a staggering number of social media users want to see a product exhibited by at least one influencer before jumping to make the purchase, and what the trend means for brands.

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Influencers are trusted information sources over brands, friends, or even celebrities

Influencers represent more reliable informational resources than any brand, friend, family member, or customer expressing their thoughts about products on social media. A recent study among 600 consumers discovered that influencers are the favorite method of finding out details about products for around 31% of social media platform users. Word-of-mouth marketing still holds its importance, but the likelihood of sharing specific brand offerings becomes even more significant with the discovery of products online through a simple swipe.

One may ask what's the secret behind their persuasive power and confidence inflicted. Micro-influencers appear more trustworthy in expressing their beliefs and opinions regarding tried-and-tested products since they don't have such a large audience to impress. They're also more transparent and willing to give insights about their lifestyles and how the product, in consequence, has actually impacted their life, removing potential feelings of doubt in users that celebrities could potentially generate.

On the other hand, it's easier to have more trust in the recommendation or opinion of someone who specializes in the respective industry you're looking into, whether it's skincare products or the appliance market one's showing interest in. Family members and friends still represent valuable resources for insights, but influencers have the background knowledge, terminology, and experience to describe better how certain products improved or affected their lives.

As one can see, it's not difficult to understand why someone approaching more see-through strategies presents more reliability and trustworthiness.


Apparently, bigger doesn't always mean better

Surprisingly enough, and contrary to what many may wrongfully believe, it's not the overhyped, incredibly famous influencers that businesses usually turn to. One might assume that celebrities and individuals with the most significant followings and prominent reputations for influencing others are the ideal choices for businesses to collaborate with. However, the truth couldn't be further from this for many companies, ranging from the local coffee shop to the largest fast-food chain.

Influencer marketing trends have shifted toward the small influencer, with a gradually growing following, having around 100,000 followers and up to 50K with whom they connect. Lesser-known influencers represent a gold mine for businesses, and the logic behind this concept is quite clear. Mostly, their services are less expensive since their popularity is in the developmental stages. Only 16% of brands surveyed are willing to pay the hefty price of partnering with celebrities, worldwide-known artists, experts, and the like.


A smaller following presents its fair share of advantages

Besides the cost-efficiency factor that seems to be checked for the rest of the brands choosing to deal with micro-influencers, the involvement rate also weighs a lot in the equation. Creating lengthy collaborations with A-list celebrities, influencers, or other high-profile individuals is difficult, it is not impossible. Indeed, having an endless list of projects unfolding and better and better deals on the table can make one reconsider terms of agreements or turn to other brands, which leaves marketers with no other option than searching for the following influencer to work with. Smaller influencers are more likely to maintain long-term partnerships and be more responsive than highly-popular ones.


With so many popular apps, it can be tricky to find the most effective channel

Influencer marketing thrives on countless social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook. However, the most helpful ones for brands looking to gain exposure for their offerings remain Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. Instagram, for instance, records some of the most considerable screen time levels from users. Hence, it's understandable why a brand would place it on top of the list of platforms to explore for marketing purposes.

However, it can be only a matter of time before another application outshines Instagram due to the ever-changing trends in user content consumption. TikTok is a promising contender in this regard, with over 755 million users using it last year and showing a 17% spike in engagement rates in 2023.

For what's worth, and regardless of the platform of choice, one of the most essential things to remember is that the most effective videos are the shortest. These must convey the whole message in a captivating way that makes the content stand out and stick with viewers for an extended time, encouraging them to share the link with others.


Final words

It's safe to say that influencers are among the hottest topics in the digital media realm, and quick-on-the-uptake businesses know how to leverage the opportunities provided. As brands explore this niche, you can expect more trends to appear. So, are you willing to partner with an influencer or stick to the traditional marketing methods? Regardless of your choices and even if you'll resort to other marketing methods, remember you're not limited to this option. Some data analysis and consultancy businesses specialize in carrying out studies to discover what customers are into that you can reach out to.


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