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Octopus CRM vs Dripify Comparison


When a business is looking for a way of generating leads, LinkedIn is the first place that comes into one's mind. With millions of users using LinkedIn daily, businesses should put maximum effort into this social media platform to gather maximum results.

But is it a job for a single person?

With so many tasks to take care of, it becomes quite challenging to manage them. That's why the need for automation tools arises.

The primary tools that businesses usually prefer are either Octopus CRM vs Dripify. Both of these tools are loved by millions of people. So let's have a look at Octopus CRM vs Dripify Comparison to know which one would be perfect for your needs:

Dripify Pros and Cons

Dripify is the most in-demand tool for automating tasks over LinkedIn and email. It is considered as one of the best Octopus CRM alternatives in the market. Introducing this tool to your LinkedIn strategy can take your prospecting task to the next level. Dripify goes down the funnel and ensures that the right offer is given to the clients and customers.

It is one of the most flexible tools to generate quality leads effectively and efficiently. From scheduling the tasks to finding and nurturing leads, all this can be done using this multi-purpose tool. With the help of Dripify linkedin automation tool , you can do all of the planning over LinkedIn side by side and form a smooth communication network.

Pros of Dripify

Easy Interaction:

With Dripify, you can communicate with your lead prospects without issues and show an active presence. With the help of Dripify, you can detect unnecessary messages and ensure that no false statement reaches your eye.

Tracking Down How Efficiently Your Campaign Is Working:

With the help of Dripify, you can monitor how well your campaign is running and what was its overall performance. You can monitor the response rate, the invitation, and other vital metrics. You can also cumulate all the previous data and then compare the overall growth of the campaign.

Track the Performance of your Team

With the help of Dripify, you can check out every detail regarding how well your team is performing. You can check the conversation rate and perform critical statistics on your team's output. In case one wants, they can also record all the accomplishments of their team members.

A/B testing on Dripify

With the help of Dripify, you can autopilot your tasks and perform several tests to ensure that your strategy benefits you. You can write down two strategies and then test them one by one. Whichever will benefit you the best, you can continue using it further.

Cloud Protection

With Dripify, your LinkedIn account is protected from suspicious or mischievous activity. It offers cloud protection that ensures that your data does not get leaked. In no case your information will ever float over the internet when you are using Dripify.

Cons of Dripify

Does Not Have a Mobile Application

One major disadvantage for Dripify users is that this tool is not accessible on mobile. Today as we want the world to be at our fingertips, this major drawback could throw your interests away from the tool.

Lacks Sequence

In comparison to other tools, Dripify does not have a proper sequence. There are no templates for mailing, nor is there any set structure for managing the tasks like other tools. After all the tasks are complete, the analytics are forever to operate.


Octopus CRM Pros and Cons

Octopus CRM is a Linkedin automation tool for automating tasks over LinkedIn. It is often called a LinkedIn lead finder, as it helps in fetching quality leads in no time. After you find the leads, you can easily export all of the data on the CRM portal and then go through each one.

It is one of the leading automation tools with which you can automate multiple tasks and reduce human redundancy. For small businesses, this tool has changed the way of searching for leads and outreach. Want to know how?

Then, let's check out its pros and cons to know this tool even better:

Pros of Octopus CRM


24*7 Active Customer Support Service

If you are facing any emergency with Octopus CRM's features, their 24*7 active customer support service will help you resolve all the issues. No matter how long it takes to solve the problem, their team will ensure that all your issues are well taken care of.

Helps in Increasing the Reach

Manually or organically, finding leads that would help your business's growth takes time and effort. With the help of Octopus CRM, you can sort the problem out without wasting time. You can reach out to all the connections that can add value to your business and help you reach your goals.

Streamlining All The Activities

Those just starting with outreach should know that activities go one after the other. To build a robust, streamlined flow of work that works without any hindrance, Octopus CRM will help you. From composing messages to following up on the response, you can manage all the tasks without any issues quickly with Octopus CRM.

Advance Search Filters

If you are searching for leads specific to some skill, industry, or niche, you can use the advanced search filters from Octopus CRM. Through this, you can lower your search and get optimum results faster. This function also helps you in staying ahead of your competitors.

Automation on LinkedIn

There are plenty of tasks that need to be taken care of for finding quality leads, like sending messages to clients or customers who can benefit your business, staying connected with them by sending in follow-up texts, scheduling posts, etc. But all this cannot be managed by a single person. Automation Tools like Octopus CRM come into play for handling such tasks.

Cons of Octopus CRM

Complex System

The whole system of Octopus CRM is complex and complicated. Its design consists of many technicalities that a novice cannot handle. You need to be well-versed in all the features of Octopus CRM before starting to use it.

Does Not Provide a Data Filtration Facility

If you have already uploaded the data on the tool, you won't be able to filter out any information on it further. This is the most significant disadvantage of Octopus CRM.

Why choose Dripify LinkedIn automation?

Dripify is popularly known as the LinkedIn lead generation tool which can design a foolproof lead generation strategy that can help you bring in quality leads with the help of this tool. It has one of the enhanced LinkedIn bots that ensures that every potential client and customer query is handled correctly.

One of the major reasons for choosing Dripify autopilot for LinkedIn is that it is designed keeping users in mind. All the major features of Dripify are focused on helping individuals and businesses reach their goals without much chaos. Using this tool, you can increase the number of leads and automate tasks without many issues.

From small-sized businesses to big firms, anybody can use this innovative Octopus CRM alternative tool. That's why Dripify should be your first choice when choosing an automation tool.

Why choose Dripify over Octopus CRM

Time is money, as they say. No matter how good your company's reputation is, you might not get another try if you have missed a chance to grab their attention. That's why the use of LinkedIn automation tools has become necessary. Initially, running the tool over the platform may be difficult, but with time and a few experiments, you will be able to ace it in no time.

Launching an automated drip campaign is the first task you can perform over LinkedIn using automation tools. With that, you can explore various functions such as adding new content, browsing visitor profiles, checking out engagement over content, etc.

If you plan to use Dripify, you can handle all the tasks mentioned above without harming your Linkedin account. Unlike a few other tools focused on bringing just the results, Dripify is curated to help users surf through LinkedIn without their accounts getting spammed or banned.

Dripify gives an extra edge to your marketing efforts over LinkedIn and helps you save time and effort. Businesses have noticed a huge difference in their sales graph before and after using the tool.


The online market is filled with various tools and software specifically designed to improve the lead-generation efforts of businesses and increase revenue. While both Octopus CRM and Dripify are amazing tools, each has its own pros and cons.

For LinkedIn automation efficiency, nothing can beat Octopus CRM, whereas if you require an easy-to-use tool to help you manage all the tasks without much hassle, Dripify is the one to go for.

As a business owner, you should always pick a tool to make your marketing, advertising, and prospecting tasks easier. Dripify is one tool designed to keep the customers' needs in mind. It helps in increasing the visibility of the platform and helps in creating amazing campaigns.

So, while deciding on the LinkedIn automation tool Octopus CRM vs Dripify, check out the comparison guide provided above.

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