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How to Train a Generation of Leaders at Work

Even if you see yourself as the best leader, you won’t always be around. There will come a point when you can no longer lead, and you will pass the baton to someone else. Therefore, it helps if you start preparing everyone as early as possible. Learn how to train a generation of new leaders at work.

Lead by example

While leadership training and mentorship work, the best way to train people is by example. If you want others to be better, you must show them how to do things correctly. You can’t say one thing and do another. You also can’t preach about good leadership qualities when your employees won’t attest that you possess them. You will sound like a hypocrite, and no one will believe you.

Give people a chance to lead

If you want to train new leaders, allow them to take the lead. It doesn’t have to be a big project right away. You don’t even have to promote your employees to a higher role. Start with something small and take it from there. For instance, ask someone to organise an event with a funfair hire company to celebrate a milestone. This company will take care of every detail. It’s an excellent way of practising how to lead.

Don’t teach leadership “formula”

There’s no such thing as a formula in leadership. You can’t tell everyone to follow the same path to success as a leader. There are also different leadership styles to consider. Allow your employees to discover the management technique they feel comfortable doing. Teaching people how to lead doesn’t involve the dictation of ways to become a good leader. It’s about letting people find their comfort level and taking it from there.

Always talk about the downsides

Present the reality of leadership. Sure, being a business leader can be financially rewarding. However, it can be a thankless job. Everyone will despise you. Expect to face several problems, and be the person to solve all of them. Leadership roles might be glamorous from afar, but it’s not. Anyone who wishes to take this path must be aware of it.

Emphasise that it’s not about the reward

There might be some rewards that come with being a leader, but it's not the point. Instead, tell your employees that it's about service. Providing quality service to the other members of the team is the priority. If anyone aspires to be a leader and focuses only on the potential rewards is in it for the wrong reasons.

Take it easy

You can’t expect everyone to learn how to be a leader in a snap. Avoid being too harsh on your employees during the training. Allow them to discover themselves and the best leadership practices. Your employees will grow in the process and feel more comfortable receiving a leadership role. Once they get there, you can offer higher positions.

Hopefully, you can train them to be better leaders, and they might even be better than you. There’s nothing wrong with it. You will be proud that you were there to guide them on their way up.


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