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How To Succeed At Your Job

Isn't it funny that when you first meet a group of people you don't know who is a bit unsure and who is confident? Also, the loudest individual is usually not the most self-assured person!
However, it can be tricky to pull off being confident within the workplace. When you are working, especially when you are new on the job, you are faced with many new challenges and frequently are surrounded by co-workers who have been at the company much longer than you have and are much more experienced. It is natural for you to maybe lose your nerve or feel a little jittery.
Self-assurance isn't something that is natural for everybody - that is simply how it is. However, there are some tricks that anyone can learn in order to help you get over any small hurdles and help you get up and running once again. Speak to Arielle Executive for advice on how to be successful at work. Even people who are full of confidence will struggle at times, and that is totally okay. 
At my job, I worked recently with a nice 16-year-old girl by the name of Mersadi. I took her on work experience in five different industries, along with four other teens. She was really a joy to be with and every place that we went all of the bosses really loved her and all welcomed her into their businesses with open arms.
Fear of failure
However, in the beginning, Mersadi did not believe it herself. She had always struggled with having low levels of self-confidence. It began when she was having a hard time in school and then continued throughout her teenage years. The worse that other people made her feel, the worse that she felt about herself and not believing in herself turned into reality for her. So when entering the workplace she believed everything would come on again and everyone else would know all of the answers for everything and she would be viewed as not being up to doing the job.   
The opposite was actually true: what everyone saw was a person who truly cared about getting everything right, and someone who would continue to try even when things were hard and someone who completely respected for the various workplaces and everybody in them.
The thing that she needed to do was overcome the fear of failure that she had, to stop doubting herself, and refrain from comparing herself to other individuals who were part of the group. At one point she realised that everybody else was also out of their comfort zones and if she allowed it to, that her lack of self-confidence would prevent her from being able to progress.
Surprise yourself
It was really nice to see that with every new work experience placement that the confidence of Mersadi continue to grow, as she saw how her bosses really appreciated her and she started to allow herself to enjoy the praise she was receiving. Suddenly she felt comfortable with asking questions when she wasn't sure about something and realised everyone has to learn things and that was okay.
At the very start, it was clear to everyone except for Mersadi that she was a really hard worker and somebody who always tried and gave it her best shot. Even during those times when she really didn't believe she could do a certain task, she would still stick with it. She ended up 9 out of 10 times not only managing to do it but really smashing it!
Once realised how much people appreciated her she could not stop smiling. She began to tell others that if you just try something you can really surprise yourself in terms of what you are truly capable of. That, in turn, helps to give your confidence a boost.
She said, "people were always telling me, you need to be confident at work. However, what if it doesn't come naturally? It didn't for me."
Know your worth
Please try the things out that gave Mersadi a boost in confidence. Remember those good things that other people say about, and learn how to accept compliments from others.  Don't view other people and then judge yourself based on what they are doing. Everyone is different and does things in a different way. That is how life is. The way you do things is part of what makes you a unique person.
Building up your self-worth is not about knowing everything: it is all about understanding those things that you excel at, what you may need some support with, and truly understanding that all of it makes you the individual you are.
The key is really self-belief. It is very important to strongly believe in the things that you are doing to be passionate about them. That can help to distract you from thinking about the way other people might view you and make you think instead about what others see in the work that you do. The important thing is your work. The first thing you need to do is appreciate your own qualities and abilities, then others will follow from there.
Not about knowing everything
Enjoying your career and being driven really helps you succeed, in addition to providing you with personal fulfillment. One of the key misconceptions that many young people tend to have is when they are first starting out that their employers will expect them to be a completely finished product. However, that is definitely not true. Employers are looking for new ideas, enthusiasm, and energy that somebody young and new to the business can bring.
Realise that confidence is what brings confidence and that it grows rapidly. These days there is lots of pressure to conform, to talk in certain ways and act in certain ways. However, your USP is there is just one of you, like the amazing Mersadi. So when something nice happens, just think to yourself, that really is me and I really deserve this!
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