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Helpful Tips For Working With A Commercial Office Cleaning Company

No matter how small or large an office is, there are some basic tips that you can use to make commercial cleaning easier and more effective. Nine of those tips are included below:
1. Provide Access To The Space
In order to clean the offices, the cleaning crew has to be able to access the space. That means that they need to be provided with keys, key cards, or access codes to open the building if they are cleaning after hours. For a cleaning service that you can trust contact Future Cleaning Services.
2. Choose A Time For Cleaning
Workers can clean the space more effectively when the employees are out of the office. That means that they usually will either need to come in early in the morning or late at night. Scheduled the cleaning time whenever is the most convenient to avoid any conflicts.
3. Protect Documents And Sensitive Information
In any office, there are usually documents sitting out in the open where they can easily be seen. These documents can include personal data, sensitive information, or details about the activities of the business.
Establishing clear rules about confidentiality ahead of time will help keep any data safe if it is seen by the cleaning crew.
4. Basic Cleaning Tasks
There are certain basic cleaning tasks that apply to almost every space. These include vacuuming or cleaning the floors, dusting the hard surfaces, emptying the garbage cans, and cleaning up any clutter. Discuss what types of cleaning should be handled ahead of time. For instance, should the cleaning crew wipe down the screens and keyboards on the computers?
5. Garbage And Recycling
Inside the building, garbage cans need to be emptied. There should be outside dumpsters where the waste can be deposited.
Most offices also have paper and other materials that are recycled. Figure out how to handle recyclable materials like old papers and cartridges for the printers.
6. Cleaning The Bathrooms
Offices usually have restroom facilities for the staff and sometimes for the general public. These facilities need to be cleaned on a daily basis. When cleaning the restrooms, the cleaning staff should use special products that are only used in these spaces. This helps keep the main office area from being cross-contaminated.
Consider investing in signs to let people know that the restrooms are being cleaned or to alert them to wet floors that could be slippery.
7. Cleaning The Kitchen
Some offices have small kitchens where staff members can prepare food or wash dishes. The cleaning tasks required in these areas often include washing and putting away dishes, wiping down the counters, refilling soap containers, and putting out new towels.
8. Creating A Smooth Routine
The cleaning process shouldn't interfere with the work that goes on at the office. It usually takes a lot of planning to make sure that conflicts don't occur. For instance, someone shouldn't be vacuuming while an employee is trying to talk on the phone. The cleaning staff should respect workers who are still using the office space.
9. Compliant Cleaning Solutions
There are often regulations in place that companies need to adhere to when it comes to cleaning their office spaces. Issues like scheduling and risk assessment should be addressed ahead of time so that everyone is on the same page.
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