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How To Compete With Larger Brands In Your Industry

It can be difficult to succeed when you operate in an industry that has much larger brands. These bigger companies have the money, resources, and reputation to dominate the market, but that is not to say that you cannot compete with these larger brands. As a smaller company, there are a handful of methods that you can use to level the playing field and compete with these companies. In fact, smaller companies hold a few benefits over larger brands, which could help you to attract some of their loyal customers to your business. Read on to find out how your company can compete with the much larger brands.
Improve Customer Service
Customer service can be an area that the much larger brands struggle with, so this is an area where a smaller company could excel. Customers need to feel important and valued during their shopping experience so find a few ways to improve your customer service and it will help you to both retain and attract new customers. A few good strategies for this include:
  • Using customer names
  • Engaging with customers on social media
  • Responding to queries quickly and going the extra mile
  • Offering rewards to loyal customers
  • Including thank you notes with orders
Differentiate Yourself
It will be hard to succeed if you are selling the exact same products/services that the larger companies sell. Instead, look to differentiate yourself by diversifying your offerings. Carry out market research to identify any gaps in the local UK market and make this a key part of your business. This can be challenging but think about your target audience and what their wants and needs are and try to find ways to satisfy these.
Digital Marketing
The biggest hurdle that a small UK business faces when competing with much larger brands is making people aware of their company. Digital marketing can increase your visibility online and help you to appear near the top of search engine results lists. This will increase brand reputation and direct more traffic to your company website - it is then a case of converting these visitors into customers with a high-quality website and excellent products/services along with great customer service. Seek out the top rated digital marketing agencies in your local area for the best results, as this can ensure your local outreach strategy is effective. No matter where you may be located, there will be local reputable services to contact, be that in London, Manchester, Bristol, or Southampton. Simply search online for the best SEO services Romsey has available, for example.
If you are able to persuade consumers to give your brand a try, then you have the ability to steal them away provided that you have an excellent product/service, reasonable prices and good customer service. Everyone likes a good promotion so consider running these to get your target audience to give your brand a shot so that you can persuade them to make the switch.
Competing against much larger brands is tough when you are a small company with a limited budget. These are the most effective strategies for levelling the playing field and competing with much larger companies in your industry. It can be challenging, but it is highly rewarding when your brand reputation starts to soar, and your target customer begins to favour you over companies that have much greater scope, resources and finances.

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