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How to protect yourself at work

Our working hours take up a lot of time, but it’s good to know that we are protected legally while we’re doing our jobs. Problems only arise when employees are unaware of the rights that you have, and with unscrupulous employers looking for ways to cut corners, it’s important that every worker is aware of exactly what their rights are in the workplace.
The current employment laws cover a number of areas and regulations when you're in the work environment, and those laws also cover your job application process and even for when you've ceased working for an employer. It’s essential that all workers are aware of their legal rights, so these are the most important areas that you need to know about.
Before you start work
Not many people realise that they are legally covered even when they are simply applying for a new position. These legal protections cover essential basics, such as the right to be free of age, gender, race, religion and age discrimination. Therefore, this is why in a job interview situation, you should be wary if you are asked about your home life. Illegal questions include the below topics:

- Race, place of origin or ethnic origin
- Sexual orientation
- Age
- Religion
- Marital or family status (e.g., “do you plan on having children?”)
- Disability
- Financial situation.
If you are ever are asked such questions, whether it be on your background or credit history, this is a red flag. You should be considered for a vacancy regardless of your personal life, age or disabilities. Employers do not have the rights when it comes to asking these certain questions.
When your employer closes down
Not every business succeeds, and all too many are forced into closure due to any number of reasons. Unfortunately, a closing business may affect staff payments, and that’s something that not many people seem to be aware of. If you have lost your job as the result of a business closing prematurely, then you have access to the National Insurance Fund, which can provide you with some much-needed compensation at the time that you need it most.
Workplace Injury
You have the legal right to be safe at work, and as much as we joke about the annoyance of Health and Safety rules, they are there for a reason. Your employer must keep you updated on any potentially harmful health and safety issues that you may encounter in your daily role, and must not only allow you time off to recover from an accident or injury, but also pay you while you’re absent.If you do ever suffer an accident at work, finding a no win no fee employment lawyer from firms such as Spencers Solicitors can be invaluable when you’re seeking advice about compensation for either accidents or injuries that occur in the workplace. Too few employees are fully aware of the legal obligations of their employers when it comes to incidents at work, and with the help of a no win no fee employment solicitor, your case will be handles with care and precision.
If you think that your employer (or potential employer) has violated your health and safety rights, or discriminated against you in the workplace, then it may be worth talking to a legal expert. Always remember that you have a firm set of legal rights that protect you during every stage of the employment process, and by being aware of those rights, you are far more likely to enjoy your daily work life.

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