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How to Maximise Your Most Talented and Important Employees

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Every employee contributes something to a business, no matter where in the pecking order they are. However, some will show that extra bit of mettle and are the ones that really come up with the good when it’s needed, time and again. These are the people that it’s worth taking the time and trouble to invest the most in and here’s how to do it.


Invest in an impressive employee benefits package


Though companies must all have some kind of employee benefits package in place covering health insurance, pensions, and even wellness packages it’s worth considering extra coverage like Key man insurance, for those employees who really go above and beyond for the business.


Offering a comprehensive benefits package will often make employees feel like they matter, they are valued and feel that their hard work is being noted and acknowledged. In return, they’re more likely to stay with the company, be motivated to work hard and stay loyal during harder times.


Offer lots of opportunities for development and improvement


Ensuring that there are plenty of opportunities for staff development and improvement will keep the hardest-working employees motivated to carry on and invest their time and energy in their work. If they know that they have the chance to further their knowledge and expand their horizons within their job, they’ll reward a business tenfold.


There are lots of ways to do this, whether it’s through training programs, internal promotions with good starting salaries, and even challenging staff to work on small assignments that take them away from their comfort zone to see what they can achieve.

Give workers the best salary possible


A competitive salary is something that every employee wants. Staff need to be paid their worth for their work and this is an expectation that should be delivered and exceeded where possible. Paying wages isn’t just about rewarding someone for their day-to-day work, it’s about an employer valuing what they can bring to the table and in a lot of cases - what EXTRA they’re delivering every single day.


However, there are other options to consider alongside monetary compensation. Think about offering retirement options, a decent pension scheme, or even stocks and investment options that can benefit those people who work hardest for the team. A workable range of flexible finance options can often be very attractive and help keep dedicated team members onside.


Ensure there’s a good business culture


Workplaces thrive on inclusion and diversity and many people these days want to work in environments that value them for their strength and positivity.


Encouraging positive communication, fostering a good space to work in, and ensuring that everyone feels valued and included means that employees are more likely to stay and dedicate themselves to a worthwhile business that makes a difference in their lives.


Look after team members in times of trouble


If hard-working team members have shown a willingness and helped out when the business has experienced tough times, then the sentiment should be reciprocal.


Show the most dedicated team members that they’re valued by looking after them when they experience tough times. Whether that’s a comprehensive sick pay scheme or ensuring there is a wellness program in place at work are two great ways of ensuring the best team members stick around.


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