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How to Make a Custom Order Form on Shopify?

How to make custom order form on Shopify

Shopify, a giant in the e-commerce realm, has empowered businesses with the excellent feature of crafting custom order forms. These tailored forms redefine checkout and empower merchants to tap into detailed customer insights. With the Shopify custom order form, shop owners and customers benefit from a simplified buying process.

What is a Shopify Custom Order Form?

A Shopify custom order form is a unique tool designed for store owners. It helps gather specific details about a customer's purchase. Custom order form becomes super handy when dealing with options like cash-on-delivery or taking pre-orders.

Why Use a Custom Order Form?

  • Higher Sales: Customizing the buying process can increase sales by up to 35%.

  • Fewer Abandoned Carts: Making checkouts simple reduces the number of people who leave without buying – currently, that's about 69.8%.

  • Happy Returning Customers: A smooth buying experience makes customers more likely to return. 93% stick with stores that make shopping easy.

Creating Your Shopify Custom Order Form:

  • Choose and Install the Shopify app: There are many apps in the Shopify store, but one that stands out is the EasyOrder ‑ Order Form for COD by Nexusmedia.

  • Create and Design Your Custom Form: Use the app to make your form, deciding what fields to include and how it should look.

  • Adjust to Your Needs: Add fields like name, email, and address, and tweak them to fit your needs.

  • Match Your Brand: Make sure the form's look matches your store's style.

  • Add it to Your Store: Place the custom order form on your Shopify store and save your settings.

  • Test It Out: Before making it public, ensure everything works well. Test it twice!

Essential Details to Include in Your Custom Order Form:

  • Basic info: Name, email, and phone number.

  • Shipping info: Shipping and billing addresses.

  • Order specifics: Things like size, color, or special requests.

  • How they'll pay: Payment methods and any other instructions.

Tips for a Great Shopify Custom Order Form:

  • Keep It Simple: A short and sweet form can boost sales by 120%.

  • Clear Words: Avoid confusing terms. Use easy-to-understand language.

  • Check on Different Devices: Make sure the form works well on phones, tablets, and computers.

  • Keep Improving: Look at how your custom order form is doing and make changes if needed.

Final Thoughts

A Shopify custom order form is a game-changer. It makes shopping smoother and helps store owners manage orders better. So, pick the right app, set things up, and watch your sales grow!


Why are Shopify custom order forms useful?

They simplify the checkout process, letting store owners gather essential details. That means happier customers and smoother order handling, especially for cash-on-delivery or pre-orders.

How do custom order forms help with sales and people leaving without buying?

With a smoother checkout, more people finish their purchases. Custom order forms can boost sales by up to 35% and help tackle the issue of 69.8% of shoppers leaving without buying anything.

What should I make sure to include in my Shopify custom order form?

Always gather basic details like name, email, and phone. Include fields for shipping and billing addresses and specifics about the order, like size or color. Also, offer different payment options to cater to everyone.

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