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How to Get More Website Visitors Via Social Media

The more traffic you can get through to your website, the more visible your brand becomes. This means a larger audience, and (ideally) a larger bank balance. It takes a time to develop more website web traffic, but as long as you're using the right strategies, it's possible to bring web visitors from social media to your site and see long-term results.
Here is what you need to know about using social media to your advantage. If you follow this advice, you'll establish a social media presence that your target audience is more likely to respond to!

Display a Complete Profile

According to this SEO Auckland company, social media drives a huge percentage of referral traffic- about 31%, so you want to get in on that piece of the pie.
One of the easiest and most effective ways to gain audience interest and trust is to create a developed social media profile. Don't just make Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn page and expect results - you'll need to fill in all the details and post frequently so the pages looks polished and trustworthy.
You will also have all your information in one place where it is easy for prospective customers to find. You can pop your website link into the profile section as well, where it is easy to find. It is very important to ensure your website link is on all of your social media profiles.

Post Intriguing Content

A lot of businesses are focused on having professional posts, blogs, etc. While this is good, having the odd unusual and intriguing post also helps a lot to gain more interest.
You can do this by creating a fun and interesting social media post with a link back to your website, so that anyone interested can find out more. Or you can create an interesting blog or guest post with a catchy heading and share it on your social platforms to get the clicks through to your site.
Creating posts with colour and a visual appeal is also highly effective. Work on posts with images, videos, graphs, GIFs, infographics, and animations. People are more likely to share posts with effective visuals!
Putting together edgy, creative content also keeps you on your toes, as you will need to think about what kind of content could create interest. More business ideas may even spring from this fun little well...

Ensure Content is Easily Sharable

By putting social media sharing tools on your content, you give your website visitors the opportunity to share your content with friends and followers. This means that new people will be able to click on the link to find out more on your website.
This may sound obvious, but many business website owners do not have sharing tools on their posts, which makes it more difficult to share the content. Make it easy for your supporters to share your content!

Get the Timing Right

You will also have more success getting traffic through to your website if you post when your audience is most active. It is like throwing your line in the water when the fish are already on the bite.
You won't see as many conversions if you post at a time when your target audience is away from their devices. For example, posting at 9 am on a Monday may not be the best time to promote your tourism business, as most people will be busy at work.
Do some research about what days and times are best to post for your industry. Your SEO expert will also know which times are best for your business!

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