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Email Marketing Myths You Can Ignore



Email marketing delusions are quite powerful in provoking entrepreneurs to make indeed destructive decisions when it comes to contriving marketing strategies for brand promotion. In order to avoid being trapped into those, one must research and see for him/herself whether email marketing should be discarded or, on the contrary, must be placed among the top ones that make your brand recognizable and desirable. Let’s go through the most common misbeliefs and see why you should get rid of trusting them.

Email marketing is extinct

In 2019 global email users came to 3.9 billion users ( Statista 2020). This figure is going to increase to 4.3 billion users in 2023 ( according to Statista). Also in accordance with this same source over 347.3 billion daily emails are expected to be sent in 2022. This data clearly proves the point that email marketing is still alive and kicking. Don’t even get us started on its solid ROIs. DMA 2019 reported that for every $1 spent on email marketing strategies is presumed to provide an average return of $42. Profit? Of course! Why not to become a successful part of this impressive statistiсs and strengthen positions of doing business.

Emails are rarely opened

Email openings define whether your email marketing strategy works effectively. Quite satisfactory average open rate across industries - about 17%( Influencer Marketing Hub resource). Mailchimp’s research states that the average email open rate for all industries is 21.33%, which is even better. Therefore, it is irrational to insist on emails being ignored because numbers prove that emails ( with a smart strategy developed) are paid attention to attracting an audience for profitable purposes. It is true that daily people are bombarded with a great amount of emails, and not every one of them gets to be opened, and read till the end. However, it is totally up to your marketing knowledge and skills in creating the right  emails

Design does not matter

Sometimes you may  get caught up in an erroneous belief that the design  of your email may be neglected, since it is the content  that matters only. Wrong! Plain text, even with precious information may not touch any reading soul. Recipients love pictures, beautiful graphic elements, especially those that make them remember. The trick is you do not need to be a professional graphic designer. Graphic design apps have your back covered. Lots of them even have some decent free plans.Plenty of options for various purposes: free brochure templates, free newsletter templates, free invoice templates, etc. Anything for the letter to be opened, read, and esthetically appreciated. Smart design choices are always winning for the emails to perform its best conversions-wise.

Email persistence gets to be spammed

Let’s get clear on this. Anything can get spammed notwithstandin the frequency. However, when you apply correct segmentation to your emails ( with total clientele appreciation), adorn them with the design that correlates with your brand identity and the message intended, and use irresistible subject lines, then you are completely out of spamming danger. When you make the audience love everything you send, then every time something clicks from you it will be opened and read.

There is also no final statement  about perfect timing for sending emails. It is not indeed proven that there is  more profit gained from sending emails on, let’s say, Monday morning, or Wednesday lunch-time, since it is still being researched. Therefore so far do not bother and send your emails whenever there is a value to share with your people.

Unsubscribes are damaging

To put it simply - unsubscribing is usually a natural way of cleansing  your clientele list. There is a chance that the client has unsubscribed  due to the poor service received. Such cases should be thoroughly analysed and measures must be taken to prevent that from happening with your next  subscriber. If others for no reason consider you to be out of their interest, then it’s for better. Why bother targeting those who were mistakenly appointed to the target segment. Targeting is also resource-consuming. That’s why you have to allocate those resources for the right people. Say thank you to the category that freed you of deleting trouble.

Always keep a professional tone

The times have passed when everyone in the correspondence process was referring to each other very officially. Now it is preferred to keep it simple and far more friendly. Addressing your audience, make sure to make friends and only then show them that “oh, by the way, there is a great offer”. People should feel comfortable with how you approach them. Ideally, knowing your target audience, you might have an idea of what constructions to use to express your message, sounding as if two friends met in the alley of the supermarket and started  advising  each other on what milk to choose for coffee. Such conversations flow smoothly with no Sirs/Madams, that put a tint of pressure, and let the opponent move further with what is going on. 

Do not use humor in your emails

Sure do not have even a slight hint of something that may provoke a smile and warm the client up to you. However, if something in the previous sentence does not feel right it means you are on the right path. Appropriate humor utilised in your emails, some might even be included into the subject line to catch the eye of the reader is very welcomed by the recipients. When there is a funny line, there is always a response to that. Even the discount-word in the subject  has less potential in comparison with a implicit promise of a high-quality funny comment or simply sharing the funny experience of the brand owner. 


Email marketing is still a leading strategy for your brand promotion.With all the novelties on the market that help your business grow, this strategy keeps rocking, generating leads and pleasing regulars. Emails are still a perfect tool for communicating what you are about and get the desired response from the targeted audience.

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