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Do Not Give Out Cheap Promotional Merchandise

When you decide to give promotional items, your primary goal is to attract attention and entice people to buy what you offer. Of course, you do not directly tell them to buy to return the favour. They will still decide whether or not they will buy what you offer. The promotional merchandise that you give will increase the chances, but not guarantee anything.
Since you are not sure if you are going to get back your investment, you need to be careful with how much you spend. You do not want to waste your money if you know that the recipients will not buy your products.
Of course, you need to select those who will receive the promotional items. They are either loyal customers or those who are within your target group. The loyal customers deserve quite expensive items as a way of thanking them for their faithfulness to the brand.
It does not mean though that the rest should receive cheap and low-quality merchandise. You still need to make sure that they are getting quality items since it could have negative repercussions otherwise.
People will feel terrible
If you are going to give umbrellas as merchandise, you need to ensure that they are of top quality. You do not want people to use the umbrella once, and for it to be unusable after that. You forfeit the benefit of giving free merchandise if the recipients cannot use what you gave.
Besides, you also do not want them to feel that you are a cheap company. You do not give away free stuff all the time. If you do, and you decide to hand out cheap things, the target audiences might have a negative impression of you.
Use your money elsewhere
If money is tight and you do not think you can afford to hand out quality promotional merchandise, you might want to postpone your plans. You can do it some other time when your company has enough money to do so. For now, you can focus on other advertising techniques that will not require you to pay the same amount. You can at least come up with quality ads on your chosen platform with a limited budget.
Select the recipients
If you are willing to pursue the original plan of giving free stuff, you might want to do it selectively. Start with your employees and loyal customers. You can also provide free things to customers who already bought items in your store. You can bundle the items as a way of saying thank you for their recent purchase. With this strategy, you guarantee that those who already bought or are planning to buy from you will receive the free things you are giving away.
Think of the best items to hand out. Even if you are only giving away a small key chain, as long as it is of top quality, it will work. T-shirts and mugs are also effective as they could bear the name and logo of your business.
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