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Clean Workplaces, Happy Employees: The Link Between Cleanliness and Productivity

A cluttered and messy workplace can be incredibly distracting, especially if you work in an office where you spend most of the day in. The Staples Corporation published a study that discovered 94% of workers felt more productive in a clean office.

ICE Cleaning is a professional cleaning company that offers commercial office cleaning services. Its skilled technicians can work for you on a one-off or contractual basis. They use their own modern technology and industrial-grade solutions for a thorough and deep cleaning.

Read on to learn more about how a cleaner office increases productivity and why outsourcing your cleaning needs is best for you.

Why office cleanliness is important

Living in a post-pandemic world has made everyone more self-aware of keeping ourselves and the environment a cleaner place to live and work. Many employed people spend most of their time in an office, which exposes them to different people and bacteria.

Desks, keyboards, breakrooms, and kitchens can become a hub for bacteria to thrive and breed, causing more employees to take time off work for sickness. This not only leads to less productivity, but it causes a strain in the office for those that are still working.

A lack of cleanliness combined with clutter also makes for an unsafe environment. More trip and slip hazards occur due to wires or discarded equipment on the floor. Clutter also blocks fire exits and creates potential fire hazards in certain areas.

Having a clean space with all hazards removed can make your employees healthier and safer, allowing that room for productivity that boosts work performance.

Does a clean workplace boost productivity?

It is scientifically proven that a clean workspace improves productivity, morale, and health. A study published by Emerald Publishing found that cleanliness correlates with higher productivity rates. Employees feel more satisfied with their jobs and the workspace, boosting their output.

If your employees do not feel compelled to clean or have a clear space to focus on their tasks, it reduces stress and gives them more time to complete their work. Instead of leaving the cleaning to your busy employees, outsourcing your cleaning needs could be the answer.

How outsourced cleaning can improve productivity

Although asking your staff to do the cleaning themselves might seem like a cheaper alternative to hiring a new team of cleaners, asking them to do this could lead to tension between your team members.

There may also be some chemicals they need to work with that require training before use and potentially cause harm.

Outsourced cleaning is when a company hires the services of a cleaning company. Depending on your needs, they can work with you for a one-off clean or on a contract basis. There are many benefits to outsourcing, including:

• Sickness cover

• Having industry experts

• Cleaners are already trained

• Flexible services

• Health and safety are covered

• Cleaning products and tools are provided

• Quick, emergency cleaning available

Having an outside company is worth the investment due to the benefits that come with them. Your staff can work in a clean workspace without the stress of cleaning an office between their daily tasks.

If you are looking for a cleaning company, look no further than ICE Cleaning. Its cleaners are industry experts that can provide efficient office cleaning services and ensure your workspace is free of bacteria and clutter.

If you would like to learn more about their services, you can look at their website here.

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