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8 tips to improve your social media presence

Social Media

Back in the day, every respectable business needed a physical presence which was a sign of reliability and stability. However now, the virtual world sets its own rules. Every reputable company is bound to be presented on social media. It may seem easy to register and introduce your company to the internet society, yet it’s quite arduous to win and maintain your position. Is it just a matter of luck or a successful merger of specific techniques? How to make your social media account work for your business and provide the best interaction and engagement of the users?


Everything starts with a goal and a clear vision of the ways to reach it. One of the main mistakes being made is a “let’s start, and see how it goes” approach - you can’t build a solid structure without the main pillars. If you find it hard to determine everything at once, follow the SMART principle:

Specific - your objectives must be clear, to avoid any kind of misinterpretation and misunderstanding; no double standards.

Measurable - define how you are going to measure your progress - number of followers, active users, reposts, etc.

Achievable - be realistic and avoid rushing into results. Gradual and constant growth will benefit the sustainability of the project.

Relevant - there’s a certain philosophy behind every business. All social media contributions must be relevant to it; be consistent.

Time-bound - it’s necessary to set a long-term goal, and iterations in between the process.

Define your audience

A desire to have as many customers-followers as possible isn’t really viable. Start with a certain age group or generation and concentrate all the efforts to attract this particular group. A teenager or 20-year-old user will prefer more visuals and short and clear statements. However, older clients will appreciate long and deep reads into the matter. You need to create an ambiance that will make people feel comfortable. Learn the preferences of the target group, read their comments on similar products, and track their interests. By defining your target group, you set the tone and philosophy for everything you’re planning to do in the following periods.

Show personal involvement

What’s the difference between personal and non-personal involvement? Subtle and strong emotional bonds with the followers.

With the development of virtual reality, people feel a lack of empathy and human-human connection. They are just tiny particles in the numerous callous marketing chains. By showing that you care for your customers' opinions, thoughts and well-being, you make them feel appreciated and not just another person on the list. By creating a friendly atmosphere, you create a sound basis of loyal followers and customers.

Be consistent

Define the regularity and frequency of the contributions. Once you catch the attention and attract the clients, you need to hold this position, as the competition between the businesses doesn’t stop for a day. However, it’s important to keep the balance of posts and activities: if you overdo - some people may get annoyed, as there's too much to read. If there’s hardly anything to check, it will also create the illusion of a neglected account.

Design and visuals

By defining clearly the target group you lay the foundation of your account or website design and style. Something that is appealing to Generation Z, may seem inappropriate for Millennials or Generation X.

If you want to stand out of the crowd, side with quality - only top-notch photos, thoroughly made videos, and eye-catching visuals.

When planning the style, be sure to check with the social media color palette, as such a minor and insignificant detail creates the whole first impression - it’s either enticing or off-putting. And it’s not just about a pleasant picture, it's how human psychology works. Colors have a direct impact on the client’s behavior, so it’s crucial to consider this influential connection.

Be Social Media-Wise

You are not the one and only company to offer some type of service or product. Keep track of all the similar and related brands, see what they have on offer and what the audience responds to.

Be Customer-Oriented

Defining your plan is crucial, yet you need to adjust it to the customer's needs and be client-oriented. Learn to play both sides - interlace what a client wants to see and hear with what you want to present - another science to learn.

Check the Analytics

You plan all the steps and the analytics shows if you move in the right direction. This tool tracks every single detail of your social media presence - public involvement, clicks, likes, interactions, etc. In layman’s terms, analytics is your KPI, the outcome of all your effort.

If you see that some things don’t bring the expected results, change the iterations - flexibility is a key characteristic that will help to make the way toward the goal.

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