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5 Useful Tips for Creating Informative and Eye-Catching Leaflets

Eye-Catching Leaflets

In the last few years, there has been a huge emphasis on digital marketing when it comes to businesses. But, there are still certain situations where you will have to rely on more traditional methods of marketing. This includes when you are at events or you are trying to entice people to come into your store on the high street.

For example, handing out leaflets is still a great way to spread information about your business, as well as allow more customers to learn about your brand. But this is only going to be true if you are able to create informative and eye-catching leaflets. Here are five useful tips that can help you do this.

Choose Quality Images

Most leaflets are going to include images of products, as well as your logo. This is going to let customers know about your brand, as well as what products you have to offer. Indeed, having visuals can be easier to understand and allow people to know more about what they can expect.

Well, when you are creating your leaflets, make sure you are including the best images you have. This means those that are sharp and colourful. In addition, to ensure the best quality, you should have the leaflets professionally printed. If you are interested, click on this page and you can learn more about lithographic printing. This is often the best option for businesses looking to print high volumes of materials.

Create a Powerful Headline

Remember that you are creating the leaflets for a reason. This could be to broadcast your brand to new customers. Alternatively, it could be to advertise a product you have or a sale that is going on. No matter what it is, you need to make sure you have a message about it that is going to jump from the page.

A good way to do this is to create a powerful headline. This should be something short and snappy with the intention of grabbing a customer’s attention and communicating your message. Take your time to think of something enticing and interesting that will make people want to find out more.

Avoid Clutter

Many businesses are tempted to pack their leaflets full of information. They want to include as many details as possible to grab the attention of every type of customer. But this is a mistake you do not want to make. It can leave your leaflets looking cluttered and untidy. Sometimes, there can be so much information that it can have the opposite effect on customers. They will not want to look at it.

Make sure you avoid clutter when you are designing your leaflets. Think about the message you want to portray and work out a way to communicate this in as few words as possible. Keep things simple and do not include complicated messages. Make information easy to digest and figure out within a few seconds of looking at the leaflet.

Include a Deal

If there is one way to grab the attention of customers, it is to include a deal on a leaflet. This is going to stand out and make customers contact your business. For example, this can be a deal on a product or a discount code they can use. Getting money off the order or something for free is exactly what people want and especially when they are trying a new brand.

Therefore, make sure that you include one prominently on the leaflet. This deal can be what is necessary to get people to check out your website and make a purchase. So, think of the best ways you can make money and allow customers to feel like they are getting something good.

Always Feature Contact Information

Of course, you will have the name of your business on the leaflets. But you need to do more than this if you want customers to follow up on your marketing. While some people will Google your brand, others will need more of a push and need information handed to them. So, you want to include contact information in your design.

There is a variety of contact details you can leave depending on the best way to reach your business. For example, you can have a phone number or email if you provide a service. Alternatively, if you have many products, your website or your business address can be a good idea. Even leaving your social media handles is useful since this is a quick and easy way for most people to find you.

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