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5 Tips To Reduce Office Relocation Stress

Relocating to a new office space is an excellent way to inject positive energies into your workforce. Changing your office environment may also give you good opportunities to start implementing innovative ways to improve productivity and boost employee morale.  
While moving to a new office location sounds fun and exciting, this process comes with a fair share of hurdles. These challenges may include productivity losses, strategic area planning, setting realistic budgets, and seamless coordination. Relocations may cause you and your employees to experience added stress. 
However, this should not always be the case. This article will give you some tips on easing your office relocation woes and doing it in the most organized and seamless way possible. Read on! 
1. Plan Ahead 
At least six months before making the big move, create a plan indicating the list of to-dos and identify the team members assigned to perform these activities. The program should also include timelines so you’ll have enough time to go through the different processes involved, such as inventory, packing, and cleaning, among others. The preparation phase also includes studying the new place and installing the necessary fixtures and utilities. 
Transferring to a new office requires setting aside considerable time and budget. To save costs, check which business fixtures and pieces of equipment you can donate, sell, or take to the new place. After this, contact companies such as Kent Removals for a cost estimate. Consider getting quotes from three service providers to come up with the best option. 
2. Seek Help of Relocation Experts
Not all companies have the luxury of time and available resources to focus on the relocation process. Luckily, there are external companies that you can rely on for much-needed help. Consider hiring a moving consultant to guide you through the process. Ideally, this individual should understand your needs while studying the new floor plan to ensure optimal space and work efficiency across all departments.     
If you don’t need significant help in planning the layout in your new office, your company could benefit from the services of moving experts in your area. Businesses located in Kent, England, for instance, can contact a removal company in Maidstone for a range of services. These companies can help facilitate safe and efficient packing and moving processes, including an option to insure valuable office assets. Relocation experts help minimize employee stress, injuries, accidents, and equipment breakages.  
3. Label Everything
Staff should be responsible for packing their belongings and diligently labeling all the boxes before sending them for transport. A good rule of thumb is to assign a corresponding code or color to a room, which should be written conspicuously on the box, including the number(s) and a list of all items inside it. Ideally, your staff should also have their names or initials on the box and prioritize the number according to the contents.  
Apart from ensuring that essential business assets arrive at the right destination, proper labeling can also put the boxes in their appropriate places, so employees won’t have to worry about getting their items and devices mixed up. This moving hack can also help you unpack more systematically, allowing you access to essential office items when you need them. 
4. Update Everyone 
It would help if you had at least a month in advance to update members of your business network and other essential contacts, so they have sufficient time to change your mail address. Also, update the address and contact details, if applicable, on your business cards, website, and social media accounts. Doing this provides your prospective and existing clients, suppliers, and investors with accurate information about your new office address.
Don’t forget to inform your team members of any updates about the move so they feel more involved. Ask for recommendations about the new workspace set-up and address any concerns. Organize an employees’ visit to the new workplace to help ease their worries.   
5. Have Everything Ready Before The Moving Date 
Moving to a new office location requires business managers to thoroughly inspect the premises. This process helps ensure that there are no issues with your essential business relocation requirements.  
Before the transfer, check that the flooring, walls, switches, and other fixtures are working. Have professionals examine the faucets, electrical systems, and Wi-Fi connection so your team won’t experience downtimes after settling down. 
Don’t forget to provide your employees with new keys and access cards a day before the transfer and make sure they all work. Most importantly, provide your team with a moving day map and a briefing, so they know what to expect before, during, and shortly after the big day.
Key Takeaway
Moving to a new office is challenging. In most cases, businesses need professional help in packing, moving, lifting, and storing their office assets safely. By taking heed of the tips discussed in this article, companies preparing to relocate will experience reduced downtimes and increased productivity. Additionally, they’ll be able to eliminate confusion, stress, and frustration as their staff settle into their new workplace.
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