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5 Tips To Help Your Beauty Business Thrive Amid The Pandemic

The pandemic has affected so many aspects of everyday life. Although there have been some improvements, there are still difficulties in businesses caused by COVID-19.
One of the businesses directly affected by the pandemic is the beauty industry. This is because salons, spas, makeup studios, and more had to cease running their businesses. After all, it requires direct contact with clients. This can increase the likelihood of spreading the virus, contributing to the pandemic's worsening in your local area.   
If your business becomes exposed to COVID-19 positive individuals, it will likely have to be closed down for testing, quarantine, and a thorough cleanup. To prepare your company for the pandemic, it’s crucial to have a plan of action, which may include any of the following steps. 
1. Getting Your Business Insured
One of the best things you could do for your business is investing in hair and beauty insurance. When applying for insurance, there are several types that you could ask your insurance agent. It is essential to narrow it down to businesses, especially salons and beauty companies. This is because this type of enterprise has its unique struggles during the pandemic. 
For these types of businesses, here are some insurance policies you might want to consider:
• Public liability insurance is for injuries or property damage caused by your business.
• Employer’s liability insurance covers injury or severe illness claims for any employees caused by working for you.
• Professional indemnity insurance is suitable for businesses that provide other companies or give advice. It protects you from any losses if the advice or services you give to other companies fail or contribute to losses.
Unfortunately, there were a lot of financial losses for many businesses during the pandemic. Employees could get sick, and sales could plummet, so getting insurance to protect you from liabilities could run you out of business.   
2. Follow The Pandemic Protocols 
Another essential step for business owners is to follow the pandemic protocols set by the local governments. This is so you could be permitted to run your business, such as shops and salons. Depending on where you live and the severity of the issue, here are some local pandemic protocols you might expect. 
• Social distancing
• Installing partitions and barriers
• Personal protective equipment or PPE (face masks, rubbing alcohol, respirators, and a handwashing station) 
• Regular COVID-19 testing
• Regular disinfecting
• Implementing flexible sick leaves
If you live in a place with stricter protocols, ensure that you implement them so that you don’t get flagged and shut down by your local government. Also, if the protocols seem to be insufficient for protecting your establishment, you might want to add more protective measures. 
3. Update Your Marketing Strategy
Marketing strategies also need to adapt to the current pandemic. Now that more people stay at home, not everyone can see your business in person. Therefore, you could take the time to build a social media presence for your business and use the internet to your advantage. 
Businesses like salons, makeup artists, and other related companies can use the internet to boost sales and attract more customers. From a visual standpoint, more people can see the quality of your work and your products. 
4. Adapt To The Technological Trends
The next thing you could do is use technological trends for businesses. These days, trends like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are used in the beauty world because they allow customers to try out makeup products and hairstyles through their phones or computers. This can make it safer for customers because trying out products such as lipsticks can transmit viruses quickly. However, trying out shades of lipsticks over an app won't pose any of these risks.
5. Be Prepared For The Future
Now that you know how bad the pandemic can affect the market, especially small businesses, it's essential to plan for the future. Think about how you can deal with the situation if it happens again or worsens. 
Having backup capital, and being ready to run your business remotely, if possible, would also be helpful. However, if working remotely isn’t possible, be prepared with protective equipment, capital for emergencies, and plans to run your business during the pandemic. 
Being caught off-guard during the pandemic is one of the worst situations you could be in. This is because a lot of the hard work you’ve done could go down the drain in such a short time. 
There's a lot to lose during the pandemic when it comes to the beauty industry. This usually relies on personal contacts, such as getting your hair or makeup done or even trying samples. Because of the increased risk of spreading and catching the virus, you'll want to prepare yourself for the pandemic and protect your assets by investing in protective equipment and even insurance policies. 
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