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5 Recommendations to Write SEO Content

Learning to write effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) articles is key to producing web content. Generating SEO content that attracts attention and sells products and services, is the goal of SEO content. If you don’t focus on effective writing, you are wasting effort.

The following paragraphs offer recommendations on how to start your SEO journey. If you aren’t a creative writer, we cannot help you much. If you’ve already mastered creative writing, SEO provides the mechanics for effective web content.
Do the blank paper test when beginning your content

This idea may sound silly, but there is a purpose behind it. Type your main heading and a few secondary paragraph headings onto your page. Include 3rd paragraphs into this outline to provide a framework for your entire article.

If you send this outline to a friend via email, and they respond saying they understand what your article is about, you’re on the right track. If your friend writes back and says they don’t have a clue - you need to revise your headings. Basically, your headings should tell the reader the whole story just by scanning the article.

Interesting headlines and title tags

Breaking down the blank paper test, your first headline should contain your primary keyword. This headline should also tell the reader exactly what the article is going to contain.

Your headline is the title tag for your page, which is important to page ranking. The more descriptive your title tag/heading, the better rankings your page will achieve.

Good headlines are clear, unambiguous and distinct. They capture attention and keep it going – BMW 3.0 Series Wins London Auto Award.

Bad headlines are the reason that when you search for coffee, search results also generate non-related topics such as cars. This is annoying, but the mind behind that bad title may have a different strategy in mind.

Use words and images to catch attention

It is also important to capture reader attention within the first 200 words or within the introduction of your article. When you can achieve rapid attention, the chances are good that your reader will actually complete the article. 

Reading the entire article is also desirable if you have a call to action (CTA) in your content because this is inserted at the end.

The audience typically enjoys visual stimulation. Include images that support your content. Interesting visuals add to the overall appeal of the article and will help your audience focus for longer. Good visuals may even mean that your target audience will read your article to the end, which is uncommon.

It's something similar that you do in your college assignments to catch the attention of the evaluator. Another good recommendation here is to use Edubirdie located in London if you think that you lack the skills to produce such level of content or assignments. The expert writers at this writing service will ensure that the work is what evaluators love.

What about keywords?

As per the rules of SEO content, keywords should form a natural part of the SEO writing produced. They should not be so obvious that they are distracting. Keyword stuffing detracts from the purpose of the article, which is typically to inform. If the keyword exceeds 3% density of the content, you are not doing a good job.

LSI keywords are another consideration for inclusion in good SEO work. LSI refers to …………. and can be seen in the words used that link associated content to the primary keyword.

If your primary keyword is ‘coffee,’ and your secondary keyword is ‘filter,’ your LSI keywords should include associations such as coffee machines, coffee cake, coffee mugs and so on.

Tone and active voice

Your writing style should typically be conversational. This tone encourages the audience to continue reading. It is friendly, informative and casual without being unprofessional. The active voice is preferable to using the passive voice since this technique also promotes reader engagement.

Active: The BMW had a powerful engine, built for speed.

Passive: A powerful engine ensured that the BMW was built for speed.

Tone can differ dependent on the customer and audience. The tone should align with the brand voice of the company, which may require the use of 1st, 2nd or 3rd person voice. 


If you follow the basic SEO guidelines, you will quickly be able to improve your writing skills. Attract audience attention by making sure that they understand what the article is about by simply reading the headings. Use your headings wisely to boost page rankings. Be cautious with the use of keywords.
Author Bio:

Joshua Robinson works as the digital marketing of an online writing service that provides assignment help to college and university students. He handles social media, content marketing and influencer marketing at the agency. When he’s not at work, he loves to fly drones, watch wildlife shows on tv and read thriller books.

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